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4 ways a virtual phone system will improve customer service

Communication is key when it comes to great customer service.

Think about the time and effort put into hiring the ideal team with great customer service skills, then think about how little thought may have gone into the tools used by the team in order to provide this level of customer service.

Whether it is the contact form on your website, on-site live chat or emails, you need each of these aspects to work perfectly to make it as easy as possible for your customer or prospective customer to reach you. For the majority of us, however, the phone is the first thing we would pick up when looking to contact a supplier. Research has found that 65% of people prefer to contact a business by phone; this highlights the power that your business phone system has, and why you should place significant importance on it.

With companies worldwide opting to provide employees with flexibility in the workplace, either by allowing them to work remotely from time to time or be entirely home-based, maintaining these vital lines of communication is essential. Virtual phone systems, therefore, have become an extremely popular method for businesses to improve communication amongst remote team members and ensure high levels of customer service.

What is a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system provides users with access to comprehensive phone technology, without the added expense of landlines or hardware. Replacing traditional office phones, virtual systems are cloud-based and use the latest technology to connect you with colleagues or customers.

This highly affordable method of communication can be used on mobile phones, making it the ideal solution for businesses with many remote workers, or those operating without an office. So we know the benefits this can bring to a business in a practical sense, but what do virtual phone systems mean for customer service?

Improving customer service with a virtual phone system


A virtual phone system means that you can still make full use of your mobile phone to make business calls. You can redirect your professional business number to any other device you wish, so there is no need to list your personal number. This means that you can continue to convey a professional image to your customers, from wherever in the world you may be.

Better communication

With everyone having access to an effective form of communication (even remote workers) you will experience significantly fewer missed calls. And with the handy feature of an automated attendant, customers will be able to reach the department they wish to speak to much quicker. Additionally, should you be in the middle of an important piece of work and not have the time to answer a call, you can direct it onto an additional service, be it voicemail or call answering.

Confidence in your business

By making your communication with your customers more effective, this will instill a significant amount of confidence in the service you provide, thereby improving customer satisfaction. This can subsequently lead to an increase in referrals, better reviews, and higher customer retention.

Pass along cost savings

Of course, without the necessity to install landlines and invest in expensive telephone equipment for all staff members, your business will find considerable cost savings. Whilst you may choose to invest these savings back into the business, many choose to pass this along to their customers as an effective customer service tactic and to remain competitive.

Moneypenny’s Pocket Phone System

For the team here at Moneypenny, the power of a virtual phone system has been evidenced by countless clients. Our small business phone system allows businesses to transform their mobile phones into their professional business phone (but with significantly higher capabilities than a traditional phone line).

From an easy-to-use app, callers will be redirected from the business number, where they will be greeted with an auto-attendant and transferred to the appropriate party. From the app, you can also choose who is assigned to calls, so that a call will bounce from person to person until it can be answered (drastically reducing missed calls). Should your team be unable to answer calls then they can subsequently be directed to a professional voicemail or Moneypenny PA.

Ready to benefit from a virtual phone system? Contact the Moneypenny team today to get started on 0333 202 1005.

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