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5 reasons to use a call answering service

Zack, Moneypenny Receptionist

Call answering service providers (aka telephone answering services) deliver outsourced reception services to businesses of all sizes, answering calls remotely while appearing to be based in-house.

Operating as part of your team, the dedicated receptionist (and small supporting team) you can expect to have as part of any high-quality call answering service, will provide you and your business with a whole host of sustainable benefits. Here’s our top 5:

1. The personal touch

Most people like to speak to a real person. In fact, a massive 69% of callers hang up without leaving a message if they’re sent to voicemail. When you use a call answering service, you’re facilitating the personal touch that consumers love. Callers connect with the person on the end of the line and establish a relationship with your business – new customers feel welcome and existing customers feel valued.

2. Increased productivity

Having to deal with an incessant telephone ringing can keep your team tied up for hours, taking them away from what they are meant to be doing and slowing the growth of your business. A call answering service frees your team from distraction and improves productivity as a result.

3. A professional edge

When you interact with a business, you naturally make a judgement based on the communication and experience you have with them. By partnering with a call answering service, you gain access to expertly trained reception staff who will project a positive, professional image that callers will then associate with your brand. This vastly improves customer satisfaction, giving your business the professional edge over competitors.

4. More for your money

Many businesses use call answering services to reduce the financial (and HR) overheads associated with in-house reception staff. A lesser-known financial benefit comes from the sales leads captured that would otherwise have been missed from callers who don’t leave messages – not to mention the return custom secured through better customer service.

5. Every opportunity captured

If your team is too busy to answer the phone, they will miss opportunities to improve customer service and make sales. A call answering service filters and prioritises calls in line with your business needs – taking messages when you’re unavailable, blocking unwanted sales calls or connecting VIPs only when you need them to. Whether you use call answering 24/7, only outside of office hours, during holidays or at peak times, you can be sure you will never miss an opportunity again.

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