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5 reasons why your business needs the Self-screening Bot 


Today, it’s vital that your business can maintain customer confidence in this new ‘normal’.

The government has released a series of guidance on how to operate safely during COVID-19, in order to help protect both your customers and staff.

But with much uncertainty and anxiety still rife during this complicated climate, it’s crucial that your business can demonstrate its commitment to safety and provide customers, potential customers, and employees with as much reassurance as possible. One effective way of achieving this is through the addition of the Moneypenny Self-screening Bot; the simplest way to manage visitor-related COVID-19 admin.

So, what is this latest innovation and how can it help accelerate your business’ return to normality?

What is the Self-screening Bot?

An online symptom checker to reassure customers and staff; the Self-screening Bot is designed to effortlessly integrate with your website and branding, and offers a hassle-free solution to managing visitor and customer safety before any on-site visits or face-to-face interaction takes place.

Customised to your preference, the bot will ask a series of multiple-choice questions to ascertain whether any visiting parties have symptoms of the virus or have been exposed to it through contact with others.

The bot has been developed to suit a number of sectors including hair & beauty, hospitality, and property – aiming to help organisations remain efficient and operational during the pandemic and adding an extra layer of safety to their premises.

5 reasons why your business needs the bot

Cut down on admin

From set-up to completion, the Self-screening Bot is simple; easy to install and quick to complete. No tech work is involved, meaning you’ll be able to use the bot right away! Customers will love its simplicity and be able to view your criteria and submit their answers in as little as 3 minutes.

What’s more, all their data will be stored securely and sent to you in real-time via email – leaving you free from the hassle of paperwork and data input.

Show your business cares

In the midst of uncertainty, many people still feel anxious about the return to a new normal – so it’s crucial to show your commitment to safety during this time, for both customers as well as your employees. The bot is the perfect example of this and not only does it provide the opportunity to showcase your COVID-19 policies and important information prior to visits, but it adds an additional layer of safety to your business on top of government guidelines, helping your business stand out from the crowd.

Fast-track your return to normality

Prioritising your customer and employee safety will ultimately encourage them to return to your business more quickly and put them at ease. Not only will it provide peace of mind to visitors, but it will also reassure employees who have recently returned to work, adding extra support to COVID-19 guidelines.

Create a seamless experience

As well as being quick & easy to install, the Self-screening Bot can also be customised to match your company colours and branding. Tailor your messaging and inform visitors of important changes to your business or preliminary instructions such as wearing a mask, using a different entrance/exit point, and sanitising hands before entering. Integrating this tool on your website will streamline the visiting process and offer huge improvements to the overall user experience, displaying your professionalism and organised approach to safety.

Capture contact details

The ability to track and trace effectively will be hugely important over the coming months; this can add pressure to job roles and be a distraction to core day-to-day business tasks. The bot alleviates this pressure by capturing data for you and alerting you of responses in real-time. All contact details will be stored securely and can be accessed online as and when required, freeing you up to focus on what you do best knowing you’ve put your customer safety first.

Take the extra step

Show your business cares and keep staff & clients safe from just £25 a month. If you’d like to learn more about the Self-screening Bot and how it works, just click here or call us today on 0333 202 1005 to get started.

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