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6 reasons to outsource during COVID-19


No matter what your sector, no organisation has been able to escape the impact of the pandemic. 

COVID-19 has forced us to contend with issues like furloughed staff, limited resource, and a whole new way of working – carrying long-term effects on operations for companies everywhere.

However, turning to outsourcing is one hugely effective way of overcoming these issues and building resilience as we navigate the unpredictable climate ahead.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top benefits outsourcing can bring to your business during these challenging times.

1. Manage increased demand

With new rules, measures and lockdowns to comply with, many businesses are facing an influx of customer calls and backlogged enquiries. This can be especially challenging in the midst of furloughed staff or a distributed workforce.

Outsourcing your telephone answering or live chat, allows you to flexibly manage customer communications in line with fluctuating demand – this is often at the fraction of the cost of hiring someone in-house.

2. Be more accessible

Keeping lines of communication open and available, even with restricted hours or a remote workforce, is essential right now as customers are increasingly seeking human connectivity.

If you’re struggling to achieve this, then outsourcing some or all of your customer support functions could be a viable option for keeping doors open, even when your physical office is closed. What’s more, extending your usual office hours in line with demand is a great way to attract more leads, with 37% of live chats said to happen outside of the typical 9-5 working day.

3. Remain agile

While many things remain uncertain, one thing is sure – agility will be vital as we move forward. Most of us have already switched to a remote working model and some are planning to embrace a hybrid workplace as part of the new normal ahead. Partnering with best-of-breed suppliers is a powerful way to strengthen resilience and maintain momentum in challenging times.

Relying on external providers to communicate and complete specific tasks that are otherwise difficult for your remote team to handle alone can dramatically boost efficiency and productivity for your business.

4. Capture every opportunity

Now that many of us are working as part of a distributed team, it’s become even more crucial to ensure every call and enquiry is being taken care of so that no opportunity slips through the net.

Outsourcing to a third-party provider gives your staff professional support, freeing them up to focus on the core tasks at hand, while providing peace of mind that all bases are being covered.

5. Get ahead of the competition

Leveraging the best tools and resources via outsourcing is a guaranteed way to gain a competitive edge within your sector, giving you cost-effective access to the latest technology and expertise.

Outsourcing can give your team the tools to perform their job even more effectively, particularly within a virtual environment, translating to a more professional brand image and a seamless customer experience.

6. Keep costs down

At a time where cutting costs is proving crucial, outsourcing can be what your business needs to reduce expenditures without compromising on service. Relying on a trusted partner means you can keep your overheads to a minimum and save precious time and money on elements such as HR & training, whilst continuing to work flexibly through the unpredictability of the pandemic.

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