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6 things you really want from a new employee

Look for the right things in a new employee

No one wants to deal with obstructive, unreliable employees.

We want to deal with enthusiastic people, with real characters and a real understanding of our needs.

Here are our top tips for employing an extraordinary individual who you can rely on at all times.

  • Effective communication – The ability to speak clearly and concisely is important. So too is the ability to listen. Be it written or verbal, communication should be purposeful, accurate and provided at the right time.
  • Positive attitude – Most other skills can be taught if a person has the ability and willingness.  They should demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation and commitment throughout the interview process.
  • Team player – The right candidate should be able to use their initiative and work alone, but also be capable of working with and be part of a cohesive team. Look for character traits such as empathy, a willingness to help others and an inclination to openly shares ideas in order to help others.
  • Pro-active & adaptable – A good employee gets things done in a timely and efficient manner. They should regard change as an everyday part of life and something positive. Does the candidate speak passionately about new challenges and working to deadlines?
  • Reliable – Turning up on time and being where they should be is a must. It suggests good organisational skills and an awareness of consequence.
  • Accountable – They must be able to take responsibility for their own actions and recognise their impact on others. Accountability is important if you’re looking for someone who will get on with the task in hand and see it through.


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