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Alice Answers: Our top 3 most asked questions about Live Chat

Live Chat is one of the fastest growing communication channels right now. With 40% of chats resulting in a new enquiry and 6x more engagement with web browsers, Live Chat has become a must-have for businesses. 

Moneypenny’s gold standard managed Live Chat solution has been making businesses’ websites work harder for years. With the perfect mix of real people and proprietary technology, our agents can professionally and knowledgeably respond to chats whenever you need. 

Here, Alice Thompson, our SME Sales Manager, answers her 3 most asked questions when it comes to outsourced Live Chat:            

How does it work?  

We provide a small piece of code for you, your IT person or website host to add to your site. This is really easy to do, but if you need any support we’ll happily talk you through it. From here, you can decide how you want chat to appear on your website, for example, would you like it to appear on every page, or just a select few? Do you want to activate proactive chat to automatically start a chat with site visitors, or just have chat as an option in the background? There are just so many ways managed Live Chat can be used. The main thing is that we’re here to help you make sense of it all! After getting to know your business and objectives for using Live Chat, we’ll recommend some options we think would work. 

How do you know how to answer our chats?  

During your onboarding process, we’ll take the time to learn everything there is to know about your business. From opening hours and directions, to employees and services, we’ll go through all of the finer details so we have everything we need to handle your chats as confidently and knowledgeably as you. Together, we compile a comprehensive list of FAQs, and with the help of some clever software that identifies and matches keywords with the appropriate responses, we have everything we need to assist your website visitors and represent your business in the right way. Rest assured that we’ll continue to build on this, adding new key information constantly, allowing us to always do the best job for you.

How do you charge for chats?

We offer a range of chat schemes, designed for business sizes and requirements. Depending on your expected chat volume (which you can find out during your week’s free trial), you’ll have a monthly allowance of chats to use up. Charging per chat rather than per minute means no matter if a chat conversation lasts 1 minute or 10 minutes, the price you pay remains the same. We also understand you may expect periods of higher activity, for example around Christmas, but we can work with you to build a scheme that flexes with you as you need. 

Set-up your free Live Chat trial today

Experiencing our full service free for a week will allow you to understand the true value of your chats, and make an informed decision about using our service beyond your trial. Give Alice and her team a call on 0333 202 1005 to get started. 

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