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#Calculate2Innovate with Moneypenny

Live Chat is your website’s new best friend

This month, Moneypenny is encouraging business owners to give just 30 seconds of their time to discover the staggering impact live chat has on customer satisfaction, online lead generation and sales.

With our free, interactive live chat calculator you’ll see what this innovation in customer communications will do for you.

Have you heard of live chat? It’s a clever bit of software that lets you speak to website visitors in real-time. You’ve probably seen it before, maybe even used it to contact your bank, a retailer, estate or travel agent. Live chat is used worldwide by all kinds of businesses; it improves customer service, extends opening hours and increases engagement with website visitors six-fold.

Live chat offers amazing, measurable benefits but there’s still a number of forward-thinking businesses who shy away from the technology because they don’t know what it will do for them. This is exactly who the live chat calculator is for.

A free tool to help you maximise website ROI

So, what is the live chat calculator? Put simply, it’s a really clever tool created by the team here at Moneypenny to help business owners understand the benefits they’ll experience with live chat on their website(s).

It requires only a few high-level details about your website traffic. The calculator combines your information with 2 million chats worth of data insights to deliver a clear picture of the increase in website conversion rates, lead generation and sales.

What’s in it for you?

That’s it. There’s no hard sell, nothing to be convinced of or sign up for; just a handy new tool offering useful insights that will help you make an informed decision about your business.

Try Our Calculator now, you’ll be shocked by what you discover!

One last thing – we’d love to know what you think of our creation. Tell us about your experience with the hashtag, #Calculate2Innovate. You can find us on Twitter, via LinkedIn or on Facebook.

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