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Can a virtual phone system make your business more competitive?

Effective communications are vital for any business and a virtual phone system can be a key factor in making a small business more competitive.

What is a virtual phone system?

A virtual phone system is a cloud-based business phone system that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to provide a viable alternative to traditional landlines for businesses. With a virtual phone system, it is possible for users to make and receive calls on an internet-connected device from anywhere and at any time of the day or night.

This approach can offer start-ups, sole traders, small businesses and SMEs (as well as larger businesses) a flexible solution to managing their communications with customers and suppliers.

What are the advantages of a virtual phone system?

Flexible and cost-effective

A virtual phone system can offer ultimate flexibility.  Calls can be taken anywhere and remote workers can be in their “virtual” office in any location with a Wi-Fi connection. There is no requirement for costly equipment or fixed landlines.  In addition to being cost-effective, this makes it incredibly straightforward to set up.

Looks professional

We all know how important it is for businesses to create the right impression. With a virtual phone system, it is possible to run a business from anywhere and still appear professional. Working from home, abroad or in the middle of an office move, the phone number won’t change and calls won’t be missed.

Businesses can choose a landline number which gives the impression of an established business with a permanent fixed base, but can manage all their calls on a mobile if they wish or use a combination of the two.

With auto-attendant it is possible to direct calls to a specific department. This is useful if you have colleagues dealing with different aspects of the business, but this approach can also be a very effective way to give the impression that an organisation is much bigger than it in fact is.

Simple to use

A small business phone system or virtual phone system is easy to use and doesn’t require any special technical expertise. For example, with the Moneypenny Pocket Phone System, a user-friendly interface enables you to effectively manage all your business calls. You choose where your calls are routed to, whether callers hear an auto-response, are answered by you or are picked up by a Moneypenny PA.

You can make outbound calls from your business number on your mobile using the app. Recipients will see the business number and assume the call has originated from the business’ premises.

The Pocket Phone System also offers a range of business phone features, this enables users to effectively take their business phone system with them wherever they go and benefit from a range of clever features.

Particularly popular with small businesses, Moneypenny’s Pocket Phone System is available with three plans to suit different business requirements, and the option to include Moneypenny call handling to ensure a phone call is never left unanswered.  It offers the perfect solution for businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage whilst ensuring they provide an enhanced customer service and create the right impression via their communications with customers.

Find out more about how our small business phone system works here.

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