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How do I get a business phone number?

Obtaining your business number is simple

Business phone numbers offer many benefits for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Obtaining a business number is straightforward and isn’t expensive so it is definitely something that start-ups and SMEs should consider and is not just the preserve of large organisations.

For anyone in the process of setting up a new business, a business phone number should be on the priority list, along with other important considerations such as premises, branding, and signage.

At Moneypenny, we offer a range of business numbers for companies to choose from. The key is to consider the type of number or numbers which are right for your business. Think about your target audience and the phone number which will help to encourage them to pick up the phone.

Local/regional numbers

Local numbers (or regional numbers as they are sometimes called), can be the perfect choice for businesses operating in a specific geographical location. A local number can encourage customers to choose a business over its competitors, particularly if they are looking for a local supplier. This is often the case for trades such as plumbers, electricians, decorators, etc., because people prefer to use a local company and are looking for someone who can reach them quickly.

It is also the obvious option for businesses with a physical presence in a local area that takes reservations, orders or appointment bookings over the phone, such as restaurants and hairdressers or beauty salons.

Growing businesses expanding into a specific area might want to consider buying additional local numbers to cover a new area. All numbers can still be diverted to one landline or mobile, regardless of the location of the person picking up the phone.

National numbers

National numbers or 0333 numbers can be a subtle yet effective way of conveying the impression of a significant sized business with a national presence. National numbers are the right option for UK based businesses that operate nationally or internationally, as well as those who aspire to do so.

An 0333 number is always charged at a normal landline rate, so customers can rest assured that they won’t incur high call charges and will feel confident that they are calling a reputable business.

Freephone numbers

A freephone number is ideal for encouraging calls for the obvious reason that it won’t cost prospective customers a penny to get in touch, but there are other benefits too. 0800 numbers are quickly recognised and can convey the impression of a strong, established business that cares about its customers. Just like a national number, it can help to build a picture of a business that is bigger than it actually is.  It doesn’t link an organisation to a particular geographic location which is ideal for growing businesses.

Choosing a business number

Whichever type of number a business decides is right for them, Moneypenny can offer a huge choice of numbers. Choosing your own unique number offers the opportunity to form a pattern or a number that is memorable in some way. Repetitive numbers are perfect if you want your customers to easily memorise your number and ensure yours is the first that springs to mind ahead of your competitors.

Find out more about our business phone numbers and choose your dedicated number here, or call us today on 0333 202 1005 to learn more.

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