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How outsourced communications can lighten the IT load for care homes

Odd times call for tactical measures.

We know that IT teams across the care home sector are being tasked with implementing long-term solutions in a bid to enable employees to tackle the unprecedented demand as a result of the pandemic. Often this is following a shortage in resources and the pain of makeshift solutions used quickly in the initial panic of lockdown.

Here, we give solutions to smooth out the jarring issues that many care homes are still facing with their communications right now.

Give the impression of a well-connected business…

…by being a well-connected business.

With care homes operating with fewer resource and facing an increased number of enquiries over the phone, due to the social distancing measures; residents, visitors and suppliers need more than ever to feel connected and heard.

Many care homes haven’t nailed this yet. We hear every week of people calling a main number but receiving no answer, being greeted by a generic voicemail or an engaged tone. Even where a dedicated receptionist is in place and working from home, we’re repeatedly hearing of instances where the receptionist is either unable to transfer a call or tries to unsuccessfully.

We’ve helped scores of IT teams with this issue for the past several months. For top care homes, high service levels are paramount. An outsourced switchboard means calls are always answered professionally and transferred, where needed, seamlessly.

Or, in instances where the person being called is busy or unavailable, a message is taken and emailed over by the outsourced receptionist. It gives callers the impression of a care home that is operationally sound, competent, and forward-thinking.

Keep call answering figures high…

…and keep costs at a minimum.

Some care homes know exactly how many calls they receive a day. Most don’t. And almost all have no idea of the number of calls that are missed. The truth is, you miss far more than you realise.

That risk is even higher right now as care homes face an unprecedented number of enquiries from callers checking in on family and seeking reassurance in the uncertain climate. Care homes aren’t properly equipped to handle this. This is where an outsourced switchboard can step in and alleviate pressure from your in-house team – and it isn’t as expensive as you’d think.

Your in-house team answers calls whenever they can, and the outsourced switchboard team steps in whenever they can’t, operating around the clock, 24/7. This keeps your overheads down, whilst ensuring every single call is answered, no matter what the time of day/night.

Make it easy for staff to make & receive calls…

…without investing in additional phones. 

With some staff members working remotely and needing to make and receive calls easily, IT teams are being asked to facilitate these needs. Easier said than done.

At Moneypenny, we’ve created a system to bridge the gap of homeworkers with office-level phone requirements. The – free to download – Moneypenny app turns staff mobiles into a small business phone system. It gives the user the ability to make outbound calls from your main number. This helps your care home show a professional front – even when you’re away from the premises.

We’ve worked to make using it as easy as possible. It empowers your staff to update their Moneypenny Receptionist with their whereabouts as they move between their home and your premises, all with the touch of a button. Additionally, it provides access to the user’s full call history – helpful for busy staff – and supports your BYOD policy.

Boost your Microsoft Teams capabilities…

…by integrating Teams into your telephonics.

The use of Microsoft Teams has rocketed since lockdown was announced in March, with the use of video calls growing 1,000%. Many care homes have taken up the platform to connect with team members working from home and also to facilitate meetings that can no longer take place due to social distancing measures – whether that’s with external suppliers and partners, or between residents and their loved ones.

Moneypenny has made it even easier for staff to take calls while using the service with our Teams integration. We are able to read your Teams status and your Moneypenny Receptionist will know whether to transfer a call if you’re available, or take a message if you’re busy.

We can also transfer your calls to the Teams platform rather than your mobile or landline if you’d prefer, saving you having to juggle many lines and phones.

Discover how our dedicated receptionists can help you streamline your communications with our 24/7 support and Outsourced Switchboard service,  call us today on 0333 009 8329.

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