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How to build your business’ reputation

A business’ reputation is something that can either add to or detract from the success of a business – which way it leans towards depends entirely on the actions of the business itself and steps it takes to build a strong, positive reputation.

Building this is of particular importance to newer businesses, who don’t necessarily have the years of experience to strengthen their reputation, meaning they must work twice as hard to establish themselves within their industry.

Customer service

Here at Moneypenny, we believe that one of the most crucial parts of any successful business is fantastic customer service. It goes without saying that without dedication to providing this high-quality service to your customers, you are unlikely to be able to build a positive reputation within your industry. Take a look at our recent blog on customer service tips


With great customer service comes great reviews, and this can have a real impact on the way your business is viewed. If you know that your customers have been happy with the product or service you have provided, encourage them to leave you a review, whether that be on Google, Facebook, TrustPilot, Feefo or any number of other platforms. There are often times when prospective clients will actively seek out reviews prior to contacting you, therefore being able to showcase positive reviews will stand you in great stead.


The majority of businesses will benefit from taking part in networking events, as this will not only allow you to make connections with other businesses in the local area, but it is ultimately a room full of people with whom you can discuss your business and showcase your expertise within the industry. Find out more about effective networking etiquette in our recent blog.

Highlight your expertise

For any business, they want to be seen as leaders within their industry, so highlighting your knowledge can go a long way in building a strong reputation. This can be done in a number of ways including writing articles for both your website and relevant industry publications, producing guides and whitepapers on topical subjects and even speaking at business events.

Social activity

Social media has transformed the way in which companies engage with clients and prospective customers. Posting on social media platforms relevant to your business’ audience is a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, share your all-important content and engage with people.

Support your local community

A great reputation is not only built on your core business activities, but on the work you and your employees do within the local community. Fundraising, supporting charities and raising awareness of issues not only allows your business to support some fantastic causes and improve company culture through team building, but it can also go a long way in building people’s perceptions of your business.

No matter whether you are a start-up or an established business, building and maintaining a positive reputation can significantly improve your client retention, lead generation and ultimately earn you the prestigious title of a ‘leading’ company within your industry.

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