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How to improve your conversion rate with Live Chat

Start gaining more value from your website

Live chat is proven to be a really effective way to convert web visitors into customers.

As well as being a great way to deal with existing customers and respond to queries.  In fact, live chat typically generates six times more engagement with web visitors, so businesses that haven’t embraced this means of communication are definitely missing out.

Live chat can help with everything; from reducing bounce rates to managing cart abandonment, supporting lead generation, and generally helping businesses to gain a better picture of their customers.

How can businesses get started with live chat?

Often business owners and managers are concerned that they don’t have the technology or resources to effectively manage live chat. If this is the position that you are in then there is help at hand. Outsourced live chat can be the perfect solution for businesses just getting started. It is also the ideal service for those who are finding that live chat is working so well that they are struggling to manage all of their chat enquiries.

Getting set up is much easier than you might expect and doesn’t involve expensive equipment or advanced technical knowledge. Your website host will be able to get you set up or, if you are outsourcing to Moneypenny, we can guide you through the process.

Using live chat

Once you have a live chat facility on your website, you can choose when to use it. Some organisations will only offer live chat during their normal working hours. Others offer the option of 24/7 to maximise on potential enquiries. 37% of people want to chat out of hours, so extended hours or 24/7 can make a dramatic difference to your overall business.

For organisations responding to their own live chat in working hours; outsourcing overnight or as additional support during busy periods is a great option.

A human response

At Moneypenny, we don’t use bots to respond to live chat and there will always be a real person there to respond on behalf of your organisation, even at 2am! The individuals dealing with your live chat will be briefed on your business so that your customers and web visitors will be completely unaware that they are chatting online to someone who isn’t a member of your team. It works seamlessly and our clients can manage different aspects such as the design of the chatbox from an online portal.

The portal also provides a log of all live chat activity, perfect for gleaning information about your web visitors.

Using proactive chat

Proactive chat is when you instigate live chat by greeting a web visitor with a question such as “Hi, is there anything I can help you with today?”. This can be a great way to encourage even more interaction on your site and nudge visitors into enquiring or sharing their questions.

Using live chat can bring many benefits; it is the fastest and most cost-effective way of converting web visitors, but to reap the rewards it is crucial that it is done right. Expectations of live chat are extremely high. People are impatient when they are online, therefore responses via live chat need to be really fast or they lose interest. Customers and potential customers are also using live chat because they want help, providing useful information in a polite and timely manner is essential and for that, you need the right people with the right attitude.

Satisfaction levels with live chat are generally higher than with other forms of communication, but the key to this is amazing people who have been well briefed, coupled with the right technology.

Start your free trial

If you think your business could benefit from Moneypenny’s Live Chat, why not find out how it would work for your business with our free trial? Try our full service completely free for 7 days, with no hidden charges, and absolutely no obligation to continue at the end of your trial. Find out more about our Live Chat service here or call 0333 202 1005 to get started.

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