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How to start a podcast for your business – a step by step guide

Business podcasts have experienced a huge resurgence in popularity over the past few years, with business professionals from a wide range of industries utilising this popularity to bolster their marketing strategy.

Originating in 2004, the concept of podcasting came from software developer Dave Winer and Adam Curry, a former video jockey for MTV, both of whom developed a program called iPodder, which allowed users to download internet radio broadcasts. This concept was built upon by other developers and eventually podcasts were officially introduced to the world.

The popularity of podcasts has grown to such an extent that research has found that over six million adults are listening to podcasts each week, double that of just five years ago. Due to the fact the users have actively chosen to download and listen to a podcast, there is a significantly higher level of engagement that goes hand in hand with this medium, as opposed to a social post or blog, and therefore, alongside the fact that it is fairly cost-effective to produce, the decision to actually start your own business podcast is a simple one. But how can you get started?

Review popular podcasts in your particular area

Before starting to plan your own podcast, research is essential to discovering how fellow podcasters in your industry approach theirs and what is popular amongst listeners. In addition to this, listening to podcasts that you admire will also help you to gain insight and ideas for how your own could potentially work.

Choose your format

From your initial research you will likely have a good idea of the type of podcast format you respond to the most. Whether it is a solo podcast, multiple people, interviews, case studies or any number of other formats, choose the one that you feel most comfortable with and that lends itself to your podcast’s content and ultimate goals.

Naming and design

The title and cover design of your podcast will be a listener’s first impression and therefore it needs to be catchy and engaging. Your cover should clearly show the podcast’s title with an eye-catching image – don’t forget that it will appear in a long list of other available podcasts, so it needs to stand out.

Perfect your description

Let your listeners know exactly what your podcast will cover, the benefit it will bring to their business and showcase your expertise within the industry. In addition to getting prospective listeners interested in your podcast, your description will also be picked up by search engines, subsequently a detailed and well written blurb is more likely to appear higher in results.

Equipment and hosting provider

Of course, no podcast would be possible without the right equipment or a reliable hosting provider to allow users to listen and download. We would recommend that this step leads you to research the best options for your requirements, ensuring that you assess multiple options and weigh up their advantages individually.

Recording and editing

Don’t expect to be an expert podcaster from the moment you press record. A well-structured podcast will take careful preparation, a strong topic of discussion, expert opinion and great editing. You may wish to do a few tester podcasts before you settle on your final cut, to ensure that the end result is professional and would stand up against its competition.

In its first stages, starting your very own business podcast may be a daunting prospect, however once perfected, podcasting can bring with it a variety of benefits, not only in building brand awareness, but in raising your profile as a leader within your industry.

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