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How to streamline your social media marketing process

For the majority of businesses, social media marketing offers a cost-effective and easy way to reach a wider audience.

However, for small businesses in particular, finding the time to post on social media platforms alongside their day to day responsibilities can be a struggle.

Finding a way to balance your workload whilst taking advantage of the opportunities that social media can present to your business requires you to look at your marketing process, and find ways to streamline it so that you get the most out of your efforts. Keep reading to explore our top tips for streamlining your social media marketing process:

Create a strategy

A detailed and well thought out marketing strategy is key to ensuring your efforts are successful. For social media marketing in particular, your strategy should include: your target audience, which platforms to post on, the type of content, how often you will post and the tone you want your post to achieve.

Content plan

Great social media posts share great content, and therefore a strong content plan will ensure you have a wealth of resources at hand when it comes to posting. Effective social marketing also involves sharing relevant and timely news stories, this can be achieved by setting up Google Alerts, so that breaking news stories are sent straight into your inbox.


Dependent on your industry, there will be particular days or a particular time at which your post will garner more attention. This will often come from experience and analysis of your past posts, but once you know, scheduling tools such as Hootsuite can provide the ideal way to ensure that your posts go out at the right time, by posting them in advance.

Connect your mobile

There will be times that you come across an interesting news story, need to reply to engagement on a post or want to let followers know you are at an event, therefore having your business’ social platforms on your mobile phone allows you to post and reply promptly.


Assessing your social media progress will help to analyse where your efforts are finding the most success, which can then inform your subsequent activity. All social platforms will provide some form of analytics data, and if you want to assess social media’s impact on your website you can always turn to Google Analytics.

Social media marketing is growing in prominence year on year, and without it your business may fall behind your competitors. What tips and tricks have you found work well for your social platforms? Get in touch on Twitter and tell us all about them!

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