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Improving customer service through managed live chat

37% of live chats occur outside of standard business hours

Customer service is one of the most vital aspects to the success of any business, and never more so in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Businesses across the world employ a range of different tactics to help improve customer satisfaction, and one of the most effective, yet simple, ways to do this, is through enhancing lines of communication between your business and your current and prospective customers.

As companies begin to reopen and attempt to resume service, communication will be a key component in ensuring a successful recovery. Being able to offer customers an online channel on which to reach you can open up doors to more enquiries and new business opportunities.

Live chat (in one form or another) has been around for longer than you may think, but over the past few years it has experienced a huge resurgence in popularity within the business world. It presents a whole host of opportunities for a company, with one of the biggest benefits being its impact on customer service satisfaction levels.

For those that don’t have the adequate resources to man live chat conversations throughout the day (and into the evening), managed live chat is the ideal solution to ensure each and every chat request is seen and replied to. So how does managed live chat, help businesses to improve customer satisfaction levels?

Fast response times

Due to the always-on world in which we live, being able to contact a business instantly is simply an expectation for customers today. According to 99firms, 79% of consumers prefer live chat because of how instantaneous the response rate is (or should be).

Furthermore, HubSpot research found that customers will expect a response on chat within 10 minutes, meaning timing is of the essence when it comes to live chat. Managed live chat ensures that each chat is captured quickly, ensuring that customers don’t become frustrated with their wait time, and can gain prompt resolution to their queries – this can be hugely beneficial to businesses wanting to reduce the number of calls they’re receiving and cut down on repeat queries.

Professional, friendly respondents 

Outsourcing your live chat to a professional agent guarantees that your current and prospective customers will be answered by trained, friendly and professional respondents at all times. Take, for example, our Moneypenny PAs; each has been specifically chosen to complement your business based on your style and sector. Someone you know and trust, your Moneypenny PA offers flexible support as and when you need it most, ensuring no chat goes unanswered and every customer receives a great first impression.

Enable customer communication 24/7

The notion of ‘9-5’ is an increasingly outdated one, and especially in today’s climate with so many businesses working remotely and adapting digital technologies to enhance their offering.

Expectations are changing and businesses who tune into this trend are reaping the rewards. In our experience of managing live chats, we’ve found that customers are far more likely to chat after hours than they are to call. In fact, 37% of live chats occur outside of typical business hours, and 15% happen during weekends. Businesses who facilitate these extended hours, or even 24/7 with the support of Moneypenny, are seeing significant uplifts in the number, and often the quality, of leads they receive.

Understand your customers better

A significant part of improving customer service lies in your knowledge of your customer and what they look for. Moneypenny’s managed live chat can provide a great deal of insight into this through our Portal; including frequently asked questions, the days and the times that prospective customers are browsing your website and even how long they spend on your website before chatting. This data can be a rich source of information and can help you to structure your sales and marketing activity to better suit the needs of your customers.

What next?

With an average consumer satisfaction rating of 92%*, it is clear that effectively managed live chat can transform your customer service.

Speak to our team at Moneypenny today to start your FREE trial of our outsourced live chat service and experience the amazing benefits for yourself. Contact us today on 0333 202 1005 or download our free whitepaper to find out more.


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