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From influencer to entrepreneur: The British influences that launched their very own businesses, and how you can take inspiration from their journey!

Influencer to Entrepreneur Header
Many of us imagine young entrepreneurs to be Lord Sugar wannabes, excited to launch their latest idea or invention and ready to see their name in lights, but what about the people who already have the world’s attention?

Influencers dominate the social media market, with the biggest names expecting to earn upwards of £10k for just a single promotional post! They’re used to the bright lights of internet stardom, as thousands of people support their latest outfit or new beauty regime.

But for some influencers, fame isn’t the only thing on their mind…

When you hear the word ‘influencer’ what springs to mind? Perhaps you thought of someone taking pictures in front of a beautiful view, or maybe an Instagram post of their latest favourite makeup brand.

But an influencer’s day-to-day schedule might surprise you, as it’s not all about being on social media all day, liking and replying to comments from adoring fans.

In fact, many British influencers are turning to the business world, expanding their repertoire and becoming the face behind some of your favourite brands!

We wanted to find out more about the businesses influencers are launching, so we looked at thirty influencers across three different platforms, to see what we can learn from them.

To make sure we covered all bases, we looked into ten popular influencers from Instagram, YouTube and Reality TV, and found the businesses they run behind the scenes.


We looked into the influencers who have managed to utilise Instagram to their advantage, and not only that, we gathered the following ten influencers that have invested in themselves, and turned their social media fame into business!

From Ella Mills who owns Deliciously Ella, to a beauty brand, By Georgina, started by Georgina Partington or Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, who keeps us fit during the current pandemic.

Instagram Influencers Who Started Businesses


There are countless channels on YouTube, with some of the biggest names having tens of millions of subscribers. The platform sees 500 hours of videos uploaded every single minute.

Here we list 10 YouTubers that look to the business world turning their successful YouTube channels into a business.

YouTube Influencers Who Started Businesses

Reality TV

TOWIE, Love Island and Made in Chelsea are just some of the productions that bring drama, laughs and sometimes even tears to our tellies, but what do the stars of these shows do once the cameras are gone?

Many of them have flocked to social media to grow their fame from the big screens to the small screens. But for some of these big names, they’ve honed their entrepreneurial skills instead and launched their very own businesses.

Reality TV Influencers Who Started Businesses

These influencers have managed to expand their horizons, building not only a name for themselves, but successful businesses too! But we all know that launching your own company can be a huge task, so do the entrepreneurial pursuits of these influencers offer us any guidance on potential new business ventures?

Juggling a hectic work-life balance can be incredibly difficult, nevermind launching your own business in the process. But TALA and Shreddy owner, Grace Beverley, has proven that there is always extra time in the day.

Between studying for her degree at the University of Oxford, she managed to find the time to grow her YouTube channel and launched her sustainable fitness label TALA. Since graduating, she has created the workout app Shreddy, a gym equipment brand B_ND, all whilst working for TALA to generate £5.2m in just under a year.

You might have already secured your degree, and are now navigating the stresses of day to day family life, and these influencers are providing inspiration for anyone ready to make their next brave move.

They’re showing how even if your schedule is already jam-packed, there’s always room to grow your very own business. Mum-to-be, Elle Darby balances family life, pregnancy and managing her very own luxury Loungewear brand.

If you’ve already grown your own business but you’re ready to take the next step into launching another, take inspiration from Reality TV star, Samantha Faiers! The young woman has two businesses, all whilst juggling family life and charity work.

Of course, not all of us can boast a huge following on social media, or have cameras following our every move, but that doesn’t mean you’re not in line for the same success as these influencers.

People such as Joe Wicks, Spencer Matthews and Joe Sugg all have businesses they launched and run alongside their careers, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. They made the decision to leave the fame in their name, and not carry it through to their business.

Choosing not to use their already developed influence and creating a business that doesn’t rely upon their followers and subscribers to generate a profit, these entrepreneurs have gone the more traditional route, and their efforts have paid off!

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!” A quote many of us have heard before and these influencers have proven you can live by it, and turn it into a profitable business.

Many of the businesses launched by the influencers are an extension of their passions that brought them fame in the first place. Whether it’s beauty, fashion or even tattooing, businesses across many sectors have been launched by these influencers.

So, if you’ve ever considered launching your very own business, and following your entrepreneurial dreams, maybe you can take a few tips from the successful ventures of some of the UK’s influencers.

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