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Instant gratification & estate agents

“Order an Uber, book a dental appointment, download and complete training.  All possible on demand, using your mobile phone – can this be done as effectively in the estate agency industry?”

Josh Phegan, renowned speaker and coach for estate agents, addressed the instant gratification people have come to expect through digital channels, in his presentation at this year’s EAvolution21, presented by Dezrez.

Here are key points Josh discussed about how these can be brought to the estate agency world:

The focus of today’s customer is efficiency and convenience, and estate agents can achieve this by harnessing tech to communicate with clients in a very simple way.

However this should not be done at the cost of the human element of real-world interactions. As Josh says:

In the new digital world, there is no excuse for being detached”.  

This year’s EAvolution  was a brilliant display of the PropTech that property professionals are using to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Josh explained: “[for some agencies] This digital era is fundamentally forcing us to change the way we work as human beings and it challenges the tried and tested routines of winning instructions by potentially removing the amount of face-to-face interaction possible (or even necessary) to seal the deal.  

How Live Chat can help to open the door to online buyers 

Searching for a valuation, a vendor, or a property to purchase online is not a new thing. But as Josh points out above, embracing digital channels could give customers the instant gratification and results they are looking for during their online house search.

It allows browsers to ask questions and converse with a knowledgeable person in real-time, satisfying their immediate needs. 

To learn more about Live Chat and how it can significantly increase web conversion, talk to one of Moneypenny’s Live Chat experts by calling 0333 202 1005.

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