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Make customer service part of your marketing arsenal – Healthcare

Make customer service part of your marketing arsenal

Truly excellent customer service really can be the greatest tool in your marketing arsenal – especially now. Budgets in every department are being tightened, and pressure to ‘do more with what you have’ is being applied to many private healthcare businesses.

For marketing, this fiscal pain can be remedied by ensuring you are delivering first-class customer service. Great customer experience drives all of the results that we can’t pay for with the marketing budget – those valuable word-of-mouth referrals and return patients.

People talk – take care of your reputation & it will take care of you

Private healthcare businesses often consider patient loyalty to be a small part of their overall success. But in reality, this should be the cornerstone of any business. It should demonstrate the level of care that motivates patients to talk about your business to their peers.

It’s the simple formula of cause and effect. Patients that feel cared for will care about your company in return, and are far more likely to recommend your services to others. Even those who enquire, but aren’t brought onto the books can act as ambassadors; by sharing their positive interactions with others, they could be motivated to give you their business in the future.

Here at Moneypenny, we’re advocates of giving excellent service from the very first touchpoint of any customer journey. Whether the customer is visiting a website, or calling for more information, here is where that first – and lasting – impression starts.

We’ve worked with many of the UK’s top private healthcare businesses to help them deliver the gold-standard customer service they strive to give. In turn, this seals their reputation as trusted and reliable businesses, whose patients recommended for years to come.

First-class service from the very first conversation

A surprising number of private healthcare businesses have no idea of the amount of calls that they miss every day. When companies take a trial of our Telephone Answering service, they are always surprised at just how many more calls they could be handling, and how much better their customer service would be if every single call was answered.

The last thing you want to do is lose out on a potential patient before your business development team even had a chance to speak to them – or worse, the call is handled in an unprofessional manner, leaving that caller to spread the word about their poor experience with you.

With Moneypenny, no call is left unanswered. We pride ourselves on handling every call with confidence and care and can transfer calls to you or your team wherever you are working, or a detailed message is taken and immediately emailed to the relevant person to follow-up on. As Sarah Johnson, Reception & Admin Manager, Clinic 95, explains:

“With Moneypenny, patients are always greeted by a “polite and professional” voice. When in meetings or unavailable, our in-house staff are assured that Moneypenny is on hand to capture every opportunity. The service has been attributed to business growth for Clinic 95.” 

Turn your website into an additional salesperson

Making sure patients can reach you on your website only serves to further impress. Live Chat gives your website visitors a platform to get in touch and ask questions, without the ‘next stage’ commitment of a phone call, when they may not be ready to do that just yet.

Because of the informal nature of the platform, we’ve found that Live Chat can generate six times more leads from a website – 41% of these resulting in a brand new enquiry.

Our flexible Live Chat support is there whenever you need it – either some all of the time.

To talk to us about our Telephone Answering or Live Chat services (or even both) and to take a FREE trial, click here or call us today on 0333 202 1005.

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