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Meet our dedicated veterinary team

Meet our veterinary team.

Discover how they build fantastic relationships while dealing with calls for vets practices throughout the country.

We give you one person who gets to know you, your patients and how you run your practice. Your own dedicated Moneypenny Receptionist allows you to get on with what you do best, working without distractions and ensuring you never miss another appointment booking. Briefed by you on your practice they work exactly as if part of your team, impressing clients and giving you more time, flexibility, cost-savings and a consistently  professional edge.

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Alice Williams, Team Manager: I love taking calls for vet practices purely because I’m passionate about animals so I can really, really relate to the caller.

Karen Brown, PA: The best part about this job is that I love talking to people full-stop, but I also love pets and animals of any shape or form and, therefore, I get the best of both worlds; I get to talk to people every single day about their pets.

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: A lot of practices have it where they don’t have a receptionist; it is just a nurse taking calls when they can.

Karen Brown, PA: We take their overflow calls so it means that none of their calls will ever be missed.

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: Knowing that we’re there for them, to take that call and to handle it professionally, is exactly what they’re looking for.
We always set up what we call a welcome call-

Karen Brown, PA: So I go sit in a booth and I phone the person who’s designated, to talk to me-

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: And it’s to find out more about their business, it’s not necessarily about what I need to know, it’s about them telling me about them.

Karen Brown, PA: Is it large animals, small animals?

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: Who’s on reception, who are they greeted by-

Karen Brown, PA: Do they have an emergency service?

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: It’s little things like that that can make a real difference on a call.

Stephanie Vaughan-Jones, Commercial Manager: We absolutely pride ourselves on our relationships that we build with our clients and it’s so important that our receptionists have a regular contact with our clients. Our aim is to be an extension of the practice and like a member of staff, but they just can’t see us.

Karen Brown, PA: The relationship with patients is really good.

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: They’re calling about their pet and they like to know that they’re speaking to someone who’s just as crazy about animals as they are.

Alice Williams, Healthcare Team Manager: Our system is fantastic here whereby it recognises repeat callers-

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: So if they call again, I will know I’ve spoken to that caller before, I’ll know their pet’s name.

Karen Brown, PA: You can say “Oh, hi Mrs Davis, is everything alright with Ruby, Barney?’.

Lindsay Waterhouse, PA: It just keeps that relationship; they know that they’ve spoken to you and it builds rapport with them; because we’ve got such a good team who really care and we’re all animal lovers.

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