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Our stunning new home!

The heart of Moneypenny.

Here’s what our team thought when they saw our HQ for the first time…

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Ed Reeves, co-founder: The whole building is all about you guys – it’s not just a little bit about you, it’s your achievement manifesting itself as bricks and mortar. All that time when we were gathering everything from you – I’m starting to well up! It’s a labour of love but it’s your labour of love and hopefully we’ve captured everything that everyone wanted and transferred it to bricks and mortar. Come this way!

Rachel Clacher, co-founder: Come on, come on, come on! I’m really, really excited about the team seeing it for the first time tonight! We just want them to feel proud and to feel part of it and to feel excited about coming here every day.

Sharon Boyle, Business Relationship Manager – Property: How far have we come? I’ve been part of the company for 12 years and we’ve come so far and it’s just an honour to work for such a fab company who does these amazing things for the people that work for them. I knew it was going to be good, we always do good things at Moneypenny but they’ve just raised the bar to something else. This is just awe-inspiring, gob-smacking, tear-provoking. I can’t wait to work here, and just pay back what they’ve done for us.

Joanna Swash, Managing Director: It’s the atmosphere, it’s the warmth as you come through the door and it’s the fact that it’s been created with everybody in mind so that everyone can just work together.

Vicky Pemberton, Events Executive: It’s exactly what I expected, because everything that Moneypenny do is big and better and amazing.

Jade Edwards, New Business Manager: Yeah, I love coming to work anyway but coming in to this, every morning; you just can’t not feel happy and bouncy and excited.

Leonie Matthews, Team Manager: It’s unbelievable – it’s unbelievable to think we’ve come this far.

Tayla Handforth, Account Manager: It really took my breath away and I’m still hyperventilating with excitement now, it’s just an extraordinary place to work, I’m so excited.

Emma Windsor, Account Manager: I’m just overwhelmed, really, because it’s just amazing, isn’t it? I feel really lucky and blessed to be working here, even more so now – I always have been proud to be a Moneypenny but now I think everybody is going to want to work here!

Julie Glover, PA: Just amazing, you think “Wow, we’re coming to work here!” It’s great, it’s really good.

Glenn Jackson: I think for me, it’s awe-inspiring when you come through the door, that we can work for a company like this. Inspiration, because we need inspiration to drive our business forward and homely and that probably is an unusual word for a building this size but, homely, because it feels like home and we’ve only been here an hour, which is fantastic!

Joanna Swash, Managing Director: How would I describe the building in three words? Culture-

Emma Windsor, Account Manager: Breathtaking-

Jade Edwards, New Business Manager: Exotic-

Joanna Swash, Managing Director: Together-

Glenn Jackson: Awe-inspiring-

Tayla Handforth, Account Manager: Phenomenal-

Leonie Matthews, Team Manager: All grown up!

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