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Our top 5 must-follow business accounts on Instagram

Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. Once dismissed as an online platform for amateur photographers sharing pictures of avocados and fitness wear, it is now a community of over one billion monthly users boasting 95 million photo uploads per day.

Whether you’re using Instagram to work on your personal brand, grow a network, promote your products, or you’re simply hungry for business advice, check out these inspiring Instagram brands.


The daddy of all things inbound marketing, Hubspot have been a driving force in revamping your sales process since 2006. Their feed features multiple daily posts with valuable advice – not just on marketing, but they also include tips and tricks for sales, customer relationships and social media too. Struggling for content ideas? Why not try their Blog Ideas Generator; just enter up to 5 keywords and they’ll produce an entire year’s worth of blog topics, just like that. Say goodbye to writer’s block! With Hubspot’s revealing stats, encouraging quotes and interactive polls, you’ll discover something new about the world of business every day.


WeWork design and create workplace communities all over the world – in more than 100 cities in fact. Their account features posts from WeWork’s stunning offices globally, snapped by their own staff or from individuals using their co-working spaces. You’ll also find snippets from their branded awards, summits and talks, with the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Jaden Smith and Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon – all sharing their business philosophies. So whether you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your office or to discover how your working environment can unlock potential within your team, give WeWork a follow: an inspirational community and a great example of a brand nailing IG.


Quite simply, Entrepreneur provides you with everything you need to know from the business world. Their followers are regularly updated with recommended reads, thought-provoking discussions and the biggest news, particularly through their ‘#3Things’ series. In these perfectly concise yet informative videos, you’ll be aided with 3 things you need to know for the day, and most recently, you can discover the 3 biggest stories of 2018 from various fields, including technology, finance and even food. Their account truly celebrates entrepreneurs, often featuring Q&As and fascinating start-up stories to inspire the next generation. A definite must-follow!

Gary Vee

The king of social business advice. CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports, Gary Vaynerchuk gives a raw view of what might be holding you or your business back, but more importantly, he offers solutions to how you can get over it. It may be advice you don’t always want to hear, but it will definitely kick start your processes. His feed is made up of his own motivational quotes, interview snippets, and recently a series of comic strips – an originally brilliant way of getting messages across. A warning: if you can’t abide expletives, Gary Vee might not be for you. But if you’re a fan of sharp humour, creative video content and you’re looking for expert guidance, then he’s your man.

Instagram for business

If you’re not already following Instagram for Business, what are you waiting for? Their feed is full of fresh and beautifully shot photos, showcasing top brands and businesses and telling their stories. With a little bit of background, they’ll delve into how Instagram benefits their business but better still, they provide you with a ‘pro tip’ on how you can make Instagram work for your own brand. And let’s not forget Instagram Stories. Followers also have access to their key insights, top tips and how-to’s on Instagram’s top features and how best to utilise them for your brand. Handy, right?

Ok, we’ll spoil you. Here are a few extra, just for fun…

  • Lego
  • Playdoh
  • Oreo
  • Innocent

Something these four brands are exceptionally good at is using their Instagram to interact directly with their audience. Rather than talking explicitly about their products, they (very cleverly, we may add) use what we know about them to entertain and create fun, light-hearted posts we’re able to relate to. These four giants keep things relevant by reacting to events in the media, respond to their comments and never take themselves too seriously – a trait that’s often hard to master. So if you’re looking for an imaginative spin on promoting your product, it’s definitely worth taking a peek at their pages.

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