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Pearl Accountants: An inside view on Live Chat

Communication is a vital tool in winning new business – including business online. 

With the rapid progression of online marketing, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial to the success of any business. With online shopping growing bigger every year, customers today expect quick and accurate responses to their queries – in a way that’s personal to them.

While you may feel contact forms are doing enough to tend to those curious customers browsing online; can you be sure that these forms are truly satisfying potential customers and fully resolving their needs?

Online conversions are an all too familiar pain point for many businesses and keeping up with the competition can often feel like an uphill battle. But thousands of companies have found a solution; outsourced Live Chat.

We invited our Client, Pearl Accountants, to share their experience of Live Chat and to uncover some of the ways the service has benefitted them. Shoaib Aslam, CEO of the award-winning accounting firm, explains:

Let’s start by asking why and how conversational marketing helps boost customer leads? Since implementing Moneypenny’s Live Chat service at our practice, we’ve witnessed a number of valuable benefits:

Instant solutions 

Imagine a person walking into a store; most people don’t end up buying any products unless they get their queries resolved there and then by the salesperson. They’re likely to want to ask questions about product specifications, size, type, and so on.

Similarly, Live Chat acts as a virtual assistant for customers, which can be accessed from any page on your site. It means that customers never have to leave the page when they want to ask something. Moreover, the messaging can be set according to the client’s path.

As a result, we’ve seen significant improvement in our customer satisfaction levels and this is reflected in the number of conversions we’re receiving.

Gain more insights 

Live Chat can focus on a wide range of feedback from the customer by inviting more details. This way, it allows the clients to open up and provide more in-depth and specific feedback, which has helped us to understand our market demand much more efficiently.

24/7 service 

For us, the best part about Live Chat is that it operates day and night. Being able to outsource to Moneypenny has allowed us to capture customers around the clock, ensuring we don’t lose any leads to competitors. In fact, many of our clients like to contact us during the weekend, outside of office hours. Live Chat helps us to maintain our quality customer service no matter what the time – so that customers, even those in different time zones, can engage with us and have their queries answered straight away.

Chat anytime, at any place 

For those people who prefer to interact via online platforms or text message, Live Chat is the perfect solution. When you’re looking for a timely response or something is an urgent matter – as is often the case with the nature of our business – Live Chat enables our clients to reach us instantly in situations where a phone call isn’t possible.

This has really helped enhance our customer experience. Plus, features such as the answer buttons have helped to simplify and improve conversation by effectively pinpointing the primary concern our client has, so that they can receive the most accurate and considerate response. This way, they don’t have to answer a long list of required (but often irrelevant) fields and wait on a reply as with a typical web form.

Connect to every potential customer 

In such a fast-paced world, customers seek fast but efficient service. We found that it can take a lot of patience to complete a contact form, particularly when a matter is urgent. Some people can give up a contact form while others may resort to procrastination and decide to return to the form at a later date, only to forget all about it.

Live chats help to maintain and engage a client’s interest, and as a result, we’ve noticed a reduction in bounce rates.

Live chats are intelligent, creative and get the required information from clients. They carry out interactive and engaging conversations through which they acquire the information needed. What’s more, the chat distribution and utilisation option integrated into live chats are able to cater to a whole host of possible queries.

Light on budget, heavy on quality 

Finally, outsourcing Live Chat to Moneypenny allows multiple customers’ queries to be handled at any one time, which we’ve found has reduced overall expenditure on customer service – without detracting from the high level of customer service our clients are used to.

Our customers know they can expect a prompt response, which helps to strengthen their trust in our brand and in turn improves retention.

What’s more, customers feel more secure making purchases or asking important questions when they know a real person is helping them. It’s added huge value to our overall customer experience.

Would you like to learn more? Start your trial today 

At Moneypenny, we offer a FREE one week trial with no obligation to continue. See what Live Chat can do for your business and start generating leads today. Call us on 0333 202 1005 and join the #LiveChatRevolution.

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