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Put a hop, skip and a jump into your service

Puts the ones that matter first

Your customers are everything, so ensure you treat them as such.

It shouldn’t have a bearing whether you’re a luxury brand or not – even the most everyday businesses should go the extra mile to make sure their customers feel special. In fact, for small businesses competing with the big boys, great service is a huge opportunity to gain an advantage.

And it’s not about reserving the special treatment for your biggest or most loyal customers – new or one-time customers should benefit from this service too. While it’s true to say that you should provide the wow-factor to your longstanding customers, to reward and maintain them, it’s wise to share this with new customers as they could become just as loyal as time goes on.  And as we all now, in this day and age, good news travels fast, bad news – even faster!

Pull out all the stops

As consumers, we like to feel special – to feel that we are valued just for choosing to spend our money with a certain brand. Take O2 Priority – the availability of offers, prize draws, presales and exclusive experiences for O2 customers. How can you be part of Priority? Simply have an O2 number and you’re already a member: ‘It’s all for you, if you’re on O2.’

British high street retailer Next has a similar concept with its VIP sales. VIP customers are allocated timeslots to shop the sale stock ahead of ‘regular’ Next customers. Emotive language such as ‘invited’, ‘VIP’ (VIP sale even has its own website) and ‘chance’ (sign up for your chance to win a slot in the VIP sale) add to that sense of feeling like you’re walking on Next’s red carpet.

Another campaigner for A* service is American Airlines. Its Five Star Service offers customised assistance at each stage of a passenger’s journey, between departure, connections, and arrival, as well as access to exclusive check-in facilities and lounge areas. As if business and first class weren’t enough, Five Star Service is the cherry on the cake for American Airlines.

Make it one to remember

Moneypenny strives to roll out the red carpet for its customers, too. Whether it’s going the extra mile for a particular caller, the warm welcome they receive when they visit their team at Moneypenny, or purely the consistent high service levels they receive year-round, Moneypenny customers are always made to feel like VIPs.

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