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Staying agile beyond a crisis

With the lasting impact of COVID-19, businesses everywhere have had to adapt fast. 

From transitioning to remote working overnight to furloughing staff members, and rethinking office layouts and operations; the pandemic has ignited a shift forcing businesses to think on their feet whilst navigating uncharted waters.

As we begin to move forward and restart business during uncertain times, embracing a flexible approach will be fundamental to recovery. It’s vital your business can remain agile in a post-lockdown world.

How to remain agile in a crisis

Business agility is crucial to maintaining momentum in a challenging climate. This may be by bringing new products or services to market quicker than rivals, or establishing new business strategies.

More and more, we see companies forming new partnerships to achieve customer-centricity and unlock new technological capabilities, rather than simply to cut costs – which was one of the main aims of outsourcing in the past.

The future belongs to the best-of-breed service providers who understand what their clients want, and use the latest technology to provide it.

The future of outsourcing

Business productivity and efficiency can be hugely boosted by outsourcing. Businesses can dedicate more time to core money-earning services if they outsource support tasks such as:

  • Invoicing
  • Capturing new sales enquiries
  • Web maintenance
  • Recruitment

Prior to the lockdown, a study from the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), found that 83% of service providers expected outsourcing to grow during 2020, as organisations seek to add value to their services and customer experience.

76% of buyers planned to increase their outsourcing in 2020

70% of buyers said they planned to increase their use of outsourcing at the start of this year, with some of the key drivers being cited as cost-cutting (35%), improving the customer experience (23%), and transitioning from legacy IT to as-a-service models (17%).

Whilst cost-cutting has always been a traditional driver for outsourcing, this conventional focus is increasingly shifting toward more disruptive outsourcing solutions led by cloud and automation, particularly now, in the aftermath of a global pandemic.

Cloud adoption

As businesses continue to work remotely for some time or commit to a hybrid way of working split between the home and office, cloud adoption will become an even more integral part of business and technology strategies.

93% are considering or already using cloud-based services

In fact, before the pandemic ensued, Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey found that 93% of respondents were considering or had already adopted cloud-based services as a means of improving performance and time to market.

Opting for more disruptive ways of outsourcing, involving cloud and automation, will ultimately enable businesses to work smarter and more dynamically, and we will see this grow considerably following the pandemic.

Where to go from here

At Moneypenny, we offer our clients strategic outsourcing solutions that help drive cost efficiencies for business, improve customer experience, or handle periods of unforeseen high call demand – supporting clients, and their customers, to remain agile in the face of the unexpected.

Working in an agile partnership with a specialist provider enables companies to access new technology that they may not ordinarily choose to invest in on their own account due to capital cost, which can drive substantial operational benefits.

Our flexible approach provides peace of mind for companies of all shapes and sizes, allowing them to switch our support on and off to suit demand, and to enable a better work-life balance during the crisis and beyond. Download our agile outsourcing eBook to discover how you can establish a successful agile partnership for your business.

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