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The benefits of using a business phone system

When a new business is starting out there are so many things to consider.

From premises to software, IT equipment to telephone systems; for anyone running a small business or setting up a new one, there are always lots of decisions to be made.

One of the top priorities, whatever the nature of the business, has to be the communications system.  Mobile phones are so incredibly powerful and offer so much functionality that, in the early days of a business, people often think a mobile is all they need.

The reality is, a mobile phone alone can only do so much. However, there’s a much greater solution – when combined with a business phone system, it is possible to operate even the busiest of businesses from the mobile in your pocket.

For many businesses, a system like Moneypenny’s Pocket Phone System offers the perfect blend of flexibility, functionality, and convenience.  Here are just some of the benefits of using a business phone system like this one.

No more missed calls

Missed calls don’t have to be unavoidable. With a user-friendly app, calls can be set to ring wherever you need them to: at home, in the office, on your mobile, diverted to a colleague’s phone, or even picked up by a virtual PA.

This gives those in small and medium sized businesses the flexibility to effectively manage lunch breaks, meetings, staff absences, busy periods and anything unexpected that life throws at them. With the system in place, the requirements of even the busiest of businesses can be successfully managed without a call being left to ring out ever again!

Give the best impression

From looking professional to appearing bigger, a phone system can be key to creating the right impression. Calls can be answered by a professional, friendly voice and directed to the right department, or an auto-attendant message can direct calls. This can help the smallest of businesses to appear much larger and can support them to grow so that appearance becomes the reality.


Work from anywhere and still receive calls, or have those calls diverted to someone else. Callers will still call your advertised business number and this can be redirected to wherever you need it to be.

There is no need to plan this in advance, with the Moneypenny App, calls can be quickly diverted from a mobile at any time giving business owners and managers complete control. The perfect solution when something unexpected happens and you are no longer available.

Time to focus

The option to have your phone calls answered when you need to can be hugely beneficial. It offers the opportunity to take time to really focus on priorities without worrying that enquiries are being missed. This can be ideal for planned time spent on a specific task or for dealing with the unexpected without distractions.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to discover more on how a business phone system can benefit you and help you to run your business more effectively, then contact us today!

Our Pocket Phone System gives you the power of a business phone system in your pocket. Try our service completely FREE for one week with no obligation to continue and no hidden charges. Call us on 0333 202 1005 to get started.

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