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The benefits of using local phone numbers in business

When it comes to home or mobile telephone numbers, we are usually allocated a number and then never give it a second thought.

Business phone numbers for companies and organisations, however, are different. A business telephone number should always be carefully considered and align with the marketing aims of the organisation.

Subliminally we all make assumptions about businesses based on their phone number. Phone numbers can be important when it comes to communicating subtle messages and are key to persuading potential customers to pick up the phone.

For example, an 020 area code number can give the impression of a London-based business. Customers outside the capital may read into this that the company is of a certain size, is well established, or has national (even global) reach.

Freephone numbers will encourage more phone calls and new enquiries, while memorable numbers are often utilised by brands looking to make sure they are the first number to spring to mind. This gives businesses a competitive edge over their competition or, for helplines, a number that can be easily recalled when needed. For some businesses, local numbers have huge benefits.

What are the benefits of local numbers?

Attracting customers that want to ‘shop local’

Wherever your business may be, it is possible to secure a local phone number for a specific location. This helps to encourage customers to feel as though they are using a local business or a business with a physical presence. In reality, a brick and mortar location within the area’s code is not necessary.

Low cost

Customers calling from landlines won’t be put off by call charges mounting up, instead, they will feel reassured that there won’t be any unexpected bills.

Target multiple locations

For some businesses, having multiple local numbers can be advantageous, particularly when trying to gain a foothold in new markets.

Perfect for remote working

Local numbers can be diverted to any phone, landline or mobile, so a call can be answered from any location.  This can be beneficial for those working remotely or for virtual businesses that don’t have a physical base.

With Moneypenny’s professional business numbers, it is possible to divert numbers to alternative lines anywhere, day or night. This is perfect for modern businesses and helps to ensure that important calls are never missed. Callers won’t be charged any extra even if you are in fact speaking to them from the other side of the world. This level of flexibility can be incredibly beneficial to businesses in any industry.

We offer a range of business telephone numbers and have thousands of numbers for our customers to choose from to suit their specific needs. Find out more about our business numbers and choose your own number here.

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