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The benefits of using national phone numbers

It’s one of the necessities of running a business, but an aspect that many business owners put little thought into.

In reality, a business telephone number can carry a much bigger impact than you might first expect.

The way in which telephone numbers are perceived will vary from person to person, and will inevitably affect not only your brand’s image but the likelihood of someone answering your call. Therefore, when choosing a phone number to use and advertise to prospective customers, it is vital that you take a number of things into careful consideration.

One of the main questions you will come across is whether you want a local or a national phone number. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, which you choose will depend entirely on your audience.

Choosing a national phone number

National phone numbers (or non-geographic numbers) begin with 0333. These 0333 numbers are not linked to any specific region within the UK and are therefore perfect for businesses that operate nationwide. But what are the benefits of national phone numbers?

Makes your business look bigger

It goes without saying that businesses that hold a national number appear as though they work throughout the UK, and are therefore a relatively large company. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that don’t seek customers solely within their local region and cater for a nationwide client base.

Ideal for offices in multiple locations

Removing the necessity to obtain separate phone numbers for each location, 0333 numbers will offer businesses a single business telephone number that can be re-directed to various departments or locations as necessary. This not only saves time and money for businesses, but also removes confusion for customers who may choose to look elsewhere if they are uncertain of who to contact.

Advertising in many locations

A national phone number can open up many opportunities for a business as their number does not limit them to one fixed location. This means that they can advertise in multiple locations, using the same phone number, reducing advertising costs, and effectively removing customer bias for local areas.

More professional appearance

Many businesses, particularly in their early stages, will often rely on a mobile phone to make contact with current and prospective clients. While it is perfectly acceptable to use a mobile to answer and make calls, we would highly recommend that you route a ‘traditional’ number to your mobile. This will improve the perception of your company, strengthening your brand legitimacy and giving customers more confidence in your products or services.

National phone numbers can project a bigger, more professional image for your business; helping you to tap into potential opportunities throughout the country.

At Moneypenny, our Clever Numbers service allows businesses to choose from hundreds of professional numbers, on a national, regional or freephone basis. Complete with a number of additional features including call routing, digital receptionist and telephone answering, we have helped thousands of companies to communicate with their customers effortlessly.

Find out more about our Clever Numbers service.

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