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The digital tools Moneypenny love to use

As our team grows and evolves, we’re continuously making use of new tools and technologies to keep us all feeling connected and to ensure our award-winning culture stays thriving, no matter where our employees are. 

In light of recent circumstances, we’ve found ourselves even more reliant on our usual bevy of digital tools that help bring our team together and make our working lives more of a breeze.

We thought we would share our favourite tools with you, to help teams who might be transitioning to remote working for the first time or for those who are looking to improve engagement and connectivity with their employees.

Workplace by Facebook  

Our most widely-used platform; Workplace by Facebook is a central part of everyday culture here at Moneypenny.

Ideal for larger teams, Workplace is essentially a business version of Facebook, with the exact same look, feel and function as the consumer version we’re all familiar with. The platform is exclusive to your company and completely separate to your personal account, so you don’t have to worry about mixing the two together.

We use Workplace for keeping everyone engaged with the Moneypenny vision, recognising hard work and personal achievements, and keeping our internal conversations flowing.

Workplace allows our entire workforce to stay in the loop with important (as well as light-hearted) company updates and news via communal newsfeeds, which are regularly populated by our heads of departments and CEO, Joanna.

From sharing client feedback and sock selfies to keeping in touch with employees on maternity leave or on the other side of the pond in the US, we wouldn’t be without Workplace!


When we’re in the office we love using our treehouse and colourful meeting spaces to catch up, brainstorm and, of course, host our clients and visitors. But video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, are a powerful alternative to face-to-face meetings.

Ordinarily, we rely on Zoom to connect with our US team or to include teammates who are away from the office in our group discussions.

Now we’re working remotely, Zoom has become even more of an important tool to us. We use it to check in regularly with colleagues and to host our meetings via the exact same diary schedule as in the office.

Did you know 80% of communication is based on visual cues? Zoom helps us to better gauge expressions and form deeper engagement – plus, it’s much more interactive than an email! What’s more, users can share their computer screens with the group which is especially handy when presenting new ideas or online demonstrations.

Microsoft Teams

At Moneypenny, we’re firm believers that teamwork makes the dream work! Collaboration is a daily part of our culture and so it’s essential we can still team up on projects and tasks – even outside of the office space.

That’s where Microsoft Teams comes in; a chat-based hub specifically for teamwork – it’s a great tool for effortlessly staying in touch with our teammates throughout the day, in real-time.

The desktop app (also available on your mobile) enables instant messaging in a chatroom style environment, between individuals or groups. Escalate messages into audio or video calls for deeper discussions, and quickly upload and share files with teammates.

It’s the perfect tool for quickly coming together, asking questions and sharing thoughts, ideas and feedback – ensuring our operations run smoothly day by day.

You can read our complete beginners’ guide to getting started on Microsoft Teams, here.


On the same theme as collaboration, Trello is another one of our favourite tools for project management. Popular with our marketing and events teams, Trello is a visual management tool that we rely on for organising day-to-day tasks and creative Moneypenny campaigns.

It helps to keep work flowing and, in one glance, teammates can gain an instant overview of what’s currently in progress and who’s involved. For remote teams, Trello is great for empowering employees with ownership and accountability, which can sometimes be more difficult outside of the office environment.

G Suite

Our final recommendation is Google’s suite of cloud computing software, otherwise known as G Suite. A cloud-based management solution is a smart idea for remote teams and one that’s increasingly becoming a staple in the modern workplace. 

The shared Google Drive provides administrators and employees, with the permissions, easy access to certain files along with unlimited file storage. There’s no longer any need to attach bits and pieces to an email or transfer files across to individuals, as everything can be accessed through the Drive, in one safe place.

Ever had that worry about closing a document without saving your changes? Or forgetting where a file is and who you shared it with? G Suite automatically saves docs so you never have to worry about losing edits or mislaying a file again. The package comes complete with free access to docs, slides, and sheets – comparable to the Microsoft Office suite.

Moneypenny is here to help

With near 100% of our people now fulfilling their roles at home within a secure and encrypted network, we can be here for your business now, and over the months ahead.

Call us now on 0333 202 1005 and chat with our business continuity experts to discover how we can support you. 

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