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The importance of empathy in property sales

Guest Post: Property Solvers

Drive is a vital requirement for anyone working in property sales.

While there will always be demand for property, targets will not be met and turnovers will falter without a determined “eyes on the prize” attitude from estate agency workers and home-buying experts.

However, this is certainly not the be-all and end-all of success in this sector. It is also extremely important to retain high levels of customer care throughout the process.

Many people forge strong emotional connections to their homes, and their reasons for parting with a property may not always be completely positive. Moving can also be a stressful time, where emotions run high, so patience on the part of the sales agent is a must.

In this article, Ruban Selvanayagam. Co-founder at quick home sales specialists at Property Solvers,  explains a little more about the importance of empathy in property sales and why we must retain the human touch throughout every transaction.

The Reason for the Sale

Many homeowners simply wish to sell their home because they are planning an exciting new start in a different area. They may also be moving for other very positive reasons, such as a new job or an addition to their family that means they require more space.

Some people choose to downsize later in life in order to enjoy some of the funds that have, until now, been tied up in their property. Others move regularly in order to climb the property ladder, so the change is nothing new to them.

However, there are other reasons for home sales that are far less pleasant. Some homeowners may feel forced out thanks to troubling interactions with neighbours. Others may no longer be able to afford their mortgage and bills.

Houses are often put on the market by family members after the death of a loved one, or to try and scrape together money for overseas treatment for a dangerously ill person. Owners may decide to sell a property that has suffered damage they cannot afford to repair.

Divorces and separations, too, are a major reason why many individuals move house – sometimes because they can no longer afford to live where they do, sometimes because their relationship ended badly and they don’t want their estranged partner to be able to locate them.

Why it Matters

Property sales specialists must strive to provide superb customer service to both buyers and sellers. This doesn’t just mean achieving a super-fast sale at the best possible price. It also means listening to the specific needs and requirements of your clients and responding to them.

Fast-paced, efficient interactions and a nonchalant attitude may charm some, but others may find this approach stressful and unfeeling. As a result, certain clients may wish to get the process over with faster than is necessary and might even be willing to accept low offers.

This will negatively impact both them and you – plus, any clients who have been affected in this way are unlikely to recommend your services and may even write bad reviews.

So neglecting to empathise with your clients will not only leave you feeling as if you have failed them on a personal level – it may also heavily impact the success of your business.

Human Touch

With tried and tested home buying and selling processes firmly in place, and the world of automation ever-broadening, it can be tempting to use wall-to-wall electronic systems in order to shift a little of the pressure from your own shoulders.

While this may speed matters up considerably – something that, in itself, can be a sign of good service – it can also remove the human touch from the process and leave clients feeling cold.

After all, if you can sell your property yourself with a few clicks and an online form, why did you bother to form such a strong emotional attachment to it in the first place?

Being able to speak to an understanding service provider in person – whether face to face or over the phone – can help property sellers to achieve a little peace of mind and understand that their best interests have been taken to heart.

The same goes for buyers. Faceless email updates can convince clients that you’re simply going through the motions and failing to give them the individual attention they require.

Something as easy as a phone call – in which you are able to recall your clients’ names and details of the property they are looking at, and transparently inform them of the stage at which the process currently stands – can make a huge difference to their impression of you.

The lesson to take away is this: automation can be exceptionally helpful when managing the drier, more logistical elements of property sales, as it can speed the process up and improve your efficiency. However, it can also detract from the vital human interactions involved in a transaction.

Your clients need to know that you care about them and the success of their sale or purchase. It is your duty as a service provider to prove that you do. This can also help your company to go from strength to strength on the basis of its superb level of customer care.

About Property Solvers 

Property Solvers are quick home sales specialists. Their innovative approach to home sales helps clients to sell their houses quickly. To find out more information on how they can help contact Property Solvers today.

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