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The rise of the phone call during the pandemic 

The volume of phone calls received during the pandemic by UK businesses has surged, as people seek human reassurance now more than ever. 

As we help thousands of businesses to prepare for a return to work and a new kind of normal, we’re hearing that clients are experiencing a significant increase in call volumes following their reopening, by as much as 80% in some sectors!

One thing COVID-19 has proven is that even in our technology-driven society, people still prefer real interaction. While this has always been our mantra at Moneypenny, during quarantine 43% of businesses we surveyed considered phone calls to be more important than ever before.

So why is the humble phone call still more effective than online automation or social media? In times of crisis, people return to what they know best. They want the reassurance that they are being heard and understood. And the phone call is still the most powerful way to satisfy this need.

Why do people prefer the telephone?

Despite a boom in social media platforms and online communications, the phone still reigns as the most valuable customer service channel for UK businesses today, and particularly in times of crisis. Before the lockdown, 56% of businesses claimed the phone to be their most powerful business tool, and we can only imagine this figure will have risen substantially during quarantine and will continue to do so as businesses enter their recovery phase.

During a pandemic, it’s natural for people to want to talk more and to seek human interaction, as queries become more urgent and callers require more empathy. This is especially apparent in sectors such as property and automotive where queries are often time-sensitive and need a quick resolution, as well as in areas like IT or finance where issues may be complex and need clarification which is more easily provided over the phone. And let’s not forget healthcare or legal, where queries are personal and need to be handled with compassion – this is always more effective through human interaction.

Capture every opportunity

With customer demands at an all-time high, there have never been greater expectations placed on your customer service. In a world that’s always on, your callers want to reach you on their terms. Being placed on hold in a long queue or hitting your voicemail is enough to lose you business, especially in present times. We know that 69% of people who reach an answering machine will simply hang up, leaving no opportunity for you to call back or resolve their enquiry. That’s why it’s crucial that you’re able to give each caller an instant and professional response when it matters most – at that very first opportunity. First impressions matter, now more than ever, so it’s vital to make sure it counts – even when you’re not available to answer.

24/7 business continuity

In the midst of furloughed staff and distributed workforces, how can you ensure there is always someone on hand to give your callers the greeting they deserve? Thousands of businesses are choosing to outsource their call answering, particularly in the challenging climate as companies reopen and face an influx of calls and backlogged enquiries.

A telephone answering service guarantees you’ll never miss a call again, providing peace of mind while you focus on the core activities at hand –  ultimately helping generate more leads for your business. What’s more, the service can be as flexible as you like; opt to have calls answered on an overflow basis, when you’re unavailable or out of hours, or choose to have calls handled all of the time – all for a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in-house.

Your Moneypenny PA

Matched to your business based on your needs, your Moneypenny PA is someone who cares about your company just as much as you do. Backed by a close-knit team, they’ll answer every call exactly as if based in your office, forwarding on important calls to the relevant person or taking a detailed message on your behalf.

To find out more about how a Moneypenny PA could benefit your small business or to start your free one-week trial, call us now on 0333 202 1005. 

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Your own Moneypenny PA to answer calls exactly as if based in your office.

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