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The secret to running a successful switchboard

Attention to detail is a must for any successful switchboard

A busy switchboard is at the heart of any thriving larger business.

The central hub pulling together all-important strands of the day-to-day operation; the eyes and certainly the ears, directing proceedings while carrying the brand image firmly in its hands.

So what makes for a successful switchboard? – here we offer our top tips to make sure yours is in great shape…

  • Hire the right people

Your people are your lifeblood so it’s vital to choose wisely when it comes to all functions, not least answering the telephone. As the first port of call, your receptionists set the tone and feel  of your business so it’s not just about being able to do the job, but being positive with a ‘can do’ approach. We hire on attitude above aptitude as we believe you can teach one but not the other.

  • Roll out the red carpet

Treat every caller like a VIP, as you would a visitor at your front desk.  Think about the potential importance of each and every call to your business. One call could be business-changing. Provide every caller with a great experience, which not only creates a great impression, but inspires confidence in your brand.

  • It’s all about the detail

It may sound obvious but be sure to listen carefully and take down all information correctly. Record all calls to create a data trail. Whether you are transferring a call or passing on a message, a rogue telephone number digit, wrong address, time or misspelt name, can make for a whole heap of trouble!

  • Consistent service whatever the time of day (or night)

Are you offering consistent telephone response regardless of the time of the call and what may be happening within the business? What happens when key staff are off sick or on holiday? there’s an unexpected event or a sudden surge in call volume? Do you have out-of-hours and overnight covered? In all cases, can you be sure you never miss a call and the quality of your telephone answering remains high?

  • Do you need overflow/fully outsourced support?

Realistically businesses of all sizes are recognising that they can’t do everything and there may be times when they are struggling to capture all incoming calls. Increasingly they are looking to outsourced support either on an overflow or fully outsourced basis to increase efficiency, improve service, make cost savings and add overall value. The bottom line is a missed call can be a missed opportunity.

  • What happens in the event of a telecoms outage or other emergency?

Is your disaster recovery (DR) plan robust and ready to go should the worst happen and you simply can’t answer your calls? If your phones go down, you have to evacuate your office, staff can’t make it in due to adverse weather – whatever the situation – you need to be able to function – so re-visit those plans and have a clear plan of action that you can implement at a moment’s notice. Engaging an outsourced partner for DR support gives peace of mind all year round and the assistance and reassurance you need to carry you through any difficulties.

  • Smile – it can be heard down the phone

Even if you’re having a bad day, you’ve just put the phone down from a grumpy caller or you’ve been running around getting things organised; your caller has no idea and expects a pleasant, helpful voice every time. We firmly believe that callers can hear you smile and it can make all the difference to the impression you’re creating. So make the effort – it really is worth it.

  • Finally, think big but act small

However large your company, it’s the small things that often make the biggest difference, so in all your dealings, on the phone, or otherwise, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Go that extra mile to make them feel special, exceed expectations and place a real value on each and every call.

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