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Watch: Innovation Spotlight – Perfect Portal’s Rob Lawson

Rob Lawson, Senior Sales Executive of Perfect Portal lead management software for law firms, tells us his thoughts about what drives innovation in business.

How much more innovative do you think businesses are during challenging times?

“I think we’ve seen over the past year and a half with  the pandemic, there’s been a quick acceleration in the adaption of technology.”

“Not just with law firms, but with all businesses. These times have demonstrated that businesses need to be flexible enough to service all types of customers.”

“In today’s day and age, customers expect a complete digital journey from every business they interact with, whether that’s a takeaway, a clothes shop, even a law firm.”

How important is it for businesses to keep innovating? 

“We’re in the technology and digital era now. Everything’s changing at a rapid pace, and as the tech giants keep innovating, then the law firms and businesses need to adapt.”

If a business slows down, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll be left behind.

“When I think about this, it isn’t going to be the partners in law firms that decide whether they should adopt this kind of technology, I think it’s going to be consumer-driven.”

What can help businesses to be innovative?

“What we do at Perfect Portal is have regular strategy meetings where we discuss what’s happening in the industry, and what innovation we need to create to help our clients become competitive, remain competitive in the workplace, and provide the best customer experience to their clients.

“Every business should always be looking at ways to improve efficiencies throughout the business.

“I always think if you invest your time regularly at looking at ways to improve your processes, improve your systems, looking at innovations rather than waiting for when you have to, you’ll be in a much stronger position.”

What’s your one innovation tip?

It’s a very simple one, but a very effective innovation tip. I would always listen.

“And when I say listen, I mean listen very carefully to your customers.”

“They can often provide insights into innovation and help you evolve further. Ultimately, lots of innovation comes from people at the coalface who can help drive that change.”

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