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What is evergreen content? And why is it important?

When it comes to content marketing there are a wide variety of options out there that will engage with your audience, whether it be a news article, vlog, guide or any number of other pieces of content.

However, content can become very quickly dated when discussing current issues facing your industry, company milestones or even industry developments and therefore, whilst these types of articles are relevant and essential to a well-rounded content strategy, it’s a great idea to also ensure you incorporate evergreen content into your plan.

What is evergreen content?

Simply put, evergreen content is content that is optimised for search engines and retains its relevance for a substantial period of time, leading to a steady rise in traffic to your site. This could be in either written form, a video or occasionally even an infographic.

Forms of evergreen content

Evergreen content can be in many forms, with some formats working better for this type of content than others. These can include:

  • Tips and tricks
  • How-to articles or videos
  • List blogs (i.e. 5 ways to…)
  • Frequently asked questions

Why is it beneficial to your SEO marketing?

When making evergreen content, focusing on target keywords and optimising for search engines (e.g. image alt tags, linking to further content, using relevant headers, etc.), will place your content in great stead to be crawled by the likes of Google or Bing.

Due to the fact that this content remains relevant for an extended period of time, evergreen content, when optimised and shared, tends to do extremely well in terms of views and bringing traffic to a site. After time, if you don’t wish to have your evergreen content get lost in your news page, it can be repurposed, amended (if necessary) and re-shared.

Why is it beneficial to your social media strategy?

There is no time limit for evergreen content when it comes to sharing on social media platforms, and therefore you are free to share it time and time again without it losing its relevancy or value to audiences.

Ultimately, when used as part of a detailed content marketing strategy, evergreen content can significantly strengthen the SEO and social media marketing of a business. If you are looking to begin or strengthen your content strategy, take a look at our guide to starting a business blog.

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