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Activating voicemail transcription

Raise your hand if you never get around to listening to your voicemails.

Sound familiar? Don’t feel too bad; we all do it. Catching up on your voicemail messages is often overtaken by tasks that feel more pressing simply because they have higher visibility – emails, meetings, incoming calls and face-to-face chats. Managing your voicemail seems like something you can easily fit between “proper” tasks, but it takes just that bit too long to do when you’re in a rush; dialing your voicemail, waiting to be connected, pressing “1 for new messages” and so on – not to mention dealing with bad signal and background noise.

We have the solution. Moneypenny’s voicemail transcription service removes the hassle and automatically translates your voicemails into messages. Once transcribed, messages are sent straight to your app, and can be read with ease at the same pace as your other correspondence.

Voicemail transcription allows you to prioritise messages and improve efficiency. To activate the voicemail transcription setting, follow the instructions below;

1. Open the Moneypenny app. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a ‘Settings’ icon – tap this

voicemails listed on a mobile phone

2. Scroll down until you reach the ‘Voicemail’ tab and tap on the ‘Voicemail transcription settings’ option

voicemail settings

3. Tap into the ‘Turn On/Turn Off’ tab

Voicemail settings

To finish, follow the relevant instructions for the device you’re using;

For Android users:

1. To activate voicemail transcription, simply tap the toggle so it turns orange

voicemail setting - turn off transcriptions

2. You can turn voicemail transcription on and off at any time, just return to this page and tap the toggle

For iOS users we’ve added 2 new contacts in your phone book:

1. Go to your phone book and search for the contacts ‘Moneypenny Turn Off’ and ‘Moneypenny Turn On’

voicemail settings - contacts

2. To activate voicemail transcription, all you have to do is call the ‘Moneypenny Turn On’ contact

moneypenny - contact on a mobile phone

3. You can turn voicemail transcription off at any time, just return to your phone book and call the ‘Moneypenny Turn Off’ contact

Remember, for both Android and iOS users when you’ve activated voicemail transcription your voicemail message will play a standard Moneypenny voicemail. You can customise this at any time by following the ‘Record voicemail greeting’ option within the voicemail transcription settings.

That’s it. Voicemail transcription is now activated. If you have any questions or need help getting set up, give us a call on 0345 123 3700. We’ve got plenty of people here to help you.

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