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Attracting more customers with live chat

The aim of this article is to give you tips to get more customers through live chat! 

  1. Turbo charge your conversion page

Even though visitors have reached your signup or checkup page, they’ll still probably have a few questions on their mind. What you need to do is get them answers to their questions quickly so they complete the sign up or purchase process. The answer, a Proactive Chat! You can set up a Proactive Chat rule on your conversion page to launch a chat, and even set it so the chat is initiated when the visitor has been on the page for 30 seconds. This message could be offering assistance to the visitor. A message such as ‘Do you have any last questions for me before you check out/sign up?’ will encourage the customer to engage with you if they have any doubts and then complete the purchase/sign up.

2. Make your site more human and trustworthy

A lot of websites these days feel too corporate with no personal or human touch. People struggle to trust these cold websites, and with no trust, there’s no purchase. To add that human touch, include pictures of your agents in your chat windows. The effect is a more real, friendly and trustworthy site, which customers will be happy to interact with. Showing the faces of your agents can double the amount of chats you see on your website.

3. Add POW! to your live chats with direct phone access using Call-Me

Make sure you use the Call Me feature available to you. It’s well known that getting a customer on the phone increases your likelihood of a sale. Companies have found out that live chat is a great conversation starter to lead to a call. Ultimately this will lead to more sales. To make this contact option more available to your customers add the ‘Call-Me’ button into your live chat. This allows the visitor to decide if they wish to use this method to contact you instead, without the added time of searching for your number.

4.‘Show and tell’ them into more conversations

Customers tend to leave your site or get frustrated if they can’t find the answers to their questions easily. Live chat allows you to catch them before they leave and either answer their questions then and there, or direct to the right page. To do this you can use Directed Browsing. Directed Browsing allows you to direct the visitor’s browser to a particular page, rather than you having to explain where they need to look to find the answer to their question. This is very popular with E-commerce sites as they can direct customers straight to the product they’re looking for. Simply use the /goto command followed by the desired URL to redirect our web visitor.

5. Create a more personalised experience

Another thing you can do is to personalise the interactions you have with your customers. This starts with learning more about our site visitor:

  • There’s personalised data in the Conversations Hub, use it! The software used in our live chat can automatically identify the web visitor’s location, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile. Their current weather is also available to you, potentially a good conversation starter. 
  • Integrate your live chat with CRM as an easy way for the data to be stored and tracked all in one place. This integration will also help to organise notes, customer chat history and more. Customer’s do not like to repeat themselves, that’s why having their chat history to hand will impress them and help the conversation flow.

6. Make your Chat Box look like a million bucks

The Design Studio is an amazing tool which lets you make your chat box your own, with your company colours and design. You’re able to add pre-chat forms as well as customise your offline form and online/offline buttons.

No limits on which fields you can choose for your pre-chat form, whether you want the fields to be required or not. You’re given complete control to make your chat experience how you envision it. 

7. The more you tell, the more you sell

Speed is key, the quicker you can answer a potential client, the easier they can make a decision about your product or service. You can add shortcuts which automate detailed answers to your common questions. Within seconds your chat agents can auto-insert well-writtten and friendly paragraphs to answer questions by using a keystroke like ‘/price’. Shortcuts allow your agents to be consistent in their answers and give quicker response times. It’s also very resourceful!



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