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Chat commands

This article will show an overview of useful commands to be used with Moneypenny chat. These commands are available in the Conversation Hub.

To use whilst chatting with your website visitors:

\email – Here the agent is able to enter the visitor’s email address so it saves. This email can then be used to follow-up with.

\goto – This is a co-browsing feature to send a web visitor to a website address. For example go to

\ban – This command allows you to ban current visitors for 30 days. Remember that you’re unable to unban a visitor as a cookie will have been placed on their computer. 

\banip – This can ban an IP from starting any chats and is permanent. 

\bye – ‘End the Chat’ function which will disconnect visitors from the chat.

Other chat commands

\cancel – This will cancel the automatic email assignment. Can be used when you don’t want the email address the visitor has entered to be assigned to the case/transcript.

\ignore – If you use the ignore command the transcript will not be sent automatically to the destination under the Settings > Integrations > tab of the Admin Dashboard. 

\record – If you’ve changed the setting so chats are not automatically sent to the destination under the Settings > Integrations > Integrations tab of the Admin Dashboard, then type ‘record’ to send chats individually. You will need to do this during the chat or it will not send. 

If you’re no longer in an active chat with a visitor you will get an error message (Command not recognised) if you try to enter one of the above commands. 

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