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Dashboard overview

This article will go through the layout of every part of the Admin Dashboard and how to set each bit to help you get the most out of your live chat service. The Admin Dashboard is how you configure widgets and also view your stats and analytics.

Admin Dashboard Overview

Let’s get started with this tour of the dashboard! It’s only available for the owner of all new plans Essentials, Professional, Enterprise.

First things first, the main navigation, complete with the current widget display, can be found on the left side of the page. This is the main menu you’ll use going forward to navigate to the different sections of your Dashboard. By clicking on each section, another menu will appear which will only be relevant to that section at the top of the screen. We’ll go through them all step-by-step below. 


If you click on the Dashboard link you’ll be taken to the Chat Monitor page. Here you’ll be able to track all chat activity via the Single Monitor or Multi-Monitor view. To see a monitor without any sensitive data click on the ‘Get Non-Admin View’ button. This is great for if you’re sharing with your agent teams.


The next option for us to check out is the Logs tab. This area shows you all of the Chat Logs for your selected widget. This includes a lot of data such as time, date, browser, visitor email, survey comments and link to transcript. These Chat logs will be kept in the account for the duration of the account’s life until cancelation. Admin can easily export particular logs for specific months or custom dates by using the ‘Export Logs’ area. 


The next section we’ll be looking at is Analytics. Analytics gives admin important insights into chat activity as well as various Moneypenny chat metrics. It’s split into four main sections as follows: Overview, Agent performance (this includes Chat duration, Response times, Agent availability, Post-chat survey results and Transfers) Visitor information (Audience, Pages and Environment) and Visitor experience (Queue, Wait).


Next up is the Permissions section! To access this section you’ll need to be an admin on Essential and above Moneypenny chat accounts. You will then be able to give additional users permissions to configure agents, view reports, change settings, and more. In addition to this you can also use the ‘Account Roles’ tab to define specific account roles.


Under this Settings tab we have a bunch of other sections. They are: Get the code, Integrations, Agent settings, Options, Design studio, Call-me, Proactive chat and Text. Similar settings have been grouped together to make things easier and more intuitive to use. Below we’ll break-down these options for you:

Agent Settings

This tab includes a ‘Chat agents’ section where you can do tasks such as adding/deleting agents, updating agent information such as email, photo, etc, add priority tiers, and more. Beside this section is the Chat Assignment tab. Here admins can configure chat routing, chat agent reassignment, schedules and more. Last on this section is the Shortcuts tab. This section allows the admin to add and delete shortcuts for a certain widget.


This tab allows admins to configure integrations for a certain widget. The Knowledgebases and Plugin sections can also be found here. 

Proactive Chat

This Proactive Chat tab allows admins to setup and also edit all proactive chat settings for this select widget. To edit a rule you’ll need to click on the orange ‘Edit’ button sitting under that rule. A new window will then pop up when you can set specific metrics for that rule.

Design Studio

This is a great tool which you should become comfortable using. You can use it to create designs for both the online and offline buttons, the chat box, and the pre-chat and offline forms. Use this section to match your chat to your corporate branding by adding pictures, logos and even gifs! This section also houses the configure messages, the visitor-facing messages seen within the system. 


This tab shows you a variety of crucial settings such as agent alerts/links, Sneak Peek, widget names, Widget transfer, custom variables, Agent Survey and more. If you have any further questions about these features please do get in touch.


This tab allows you to view records for all Call-Me occurrences for this particular widget. You’ll be able to see caller and receiver phone numbers, date, duration and case link to the exact chat in which the Call-Me was initiated.

Get the code

This tab has some important information: the Moneypenny chat code! If you need help installing our code please do get in touch.


This section allows you to alter the SMS chat functionality. This lets visitors contact you via SMS (check country availability).


This is where you can set up labels for tracking contact info.

Global Settings

Only for those on Enterprise plans, this menu lets you set sub statuses allowing agents to track in Analytics.

My Account > My Info

In this section you’re able to set up details about the account owner like name, phone, email, address, company, city, country, postcode, language, timezone, CSV field separator.

You’ll also be able to locate a CSV report of users, agents and sub admins, across all the widgets by pressing on the ‘Export Full User Report’ link under the tab. As well as this you can change passwords, find billing receipts and also review our Moneypenny chat privacy policy.


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