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Getting the most out of your weekly stats

In this article we’ll give you an overview of what exactly Weekly Stats are and how they can help you. Weekly stats emails give you a great overview of an agent’s performance from the previous week. You can pick who receives this email by going to your Admin Dashboard, then Settings > Options and then go down and click on ‘Weekly Stats Email’.  The emails include release notes, online and offline counts, response times and a weekly breakdown

Online and Offline counts include:

Online Reactive: The visitor clicked the chat button which started the chat.

Online Proactive: The visitor engaged with proactive chat.

Offline Manual: The visitor clicks and fills out the offline form as no agents were free.

Offline Missed: Agents were online but didn’t respond to the visitor and the visitor then left the chat.

You’re able to send the email to more than one person if you use comma’s. You also have the option to include a log of all your chats.

These Weekly Stats emails show a details by day table, making it easier for any admins or agents to check out analytics on a day-by-day basis, like in the Admin Dashboard. Here you’re able to view analytics related to contact counts (offline vs. online), online breakdowns (proactive, reactive and missed), response times and the duration of chats for the past seven days. Here you’ll be able to see the average response times to chats as well as the average length.

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