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Routing manual chats

This article will hope to provide a full overview of how routing by tag should work for reactive chats. Imagine we have two agents called Becca and Steven each with a different set of tags. Becca has been tagged with ‘french’ and ‘gold’ and Steven with ‘french’ and ‘frenchexpert’. To show how reactive chats are routed when using these tags, we will explore a selection of various scenarios in which one of the visitor tags changes and therefore so does the assigned agent. 

Tag routing will abide by Priority Tiers for reactive chats. If a chat for ‘french’ comes in and there are no ‘french’ tagged agents available in Tier 1, then the system will automatically move into Tier 2 to look for any agents with matching tags and so on.

  • Single tag match  – If a visitor with the ‘frenchexpert’ tag begins a chat, it will be assigned to Steven as he has that particular tag.
  • Multiple tag match – If a visitor with the ‘french’ and ‘gold’ tag starts a chat, it will be assigned to Becca as she has both the ‘french’ and the ‘gold’ tags.
  • ‘Tie’ match – If a visitor with the ‘french’ tag starts a chat, then the chat with either be assigned to both agents (if ‘notify all online agents of each incoming chat’ is turned on) or randomly to either of them (as they both have the tag) if the assignment is set to ‘Automatically assign each incoming chat to a specific Chat Agent’.


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