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The benefits of proactive chats

In this article we’ll have a look at why Proactive Chat is more effective than Site Monitoring. Site Monitoring lets you see your website visitors in real time, allowing you to manually extend chat invitations individually. Below, we’ll show you the benefit of using Proactive Chats instead.

The Highlights

Proactive Chat is automated

  • No time wasted by your team
  • System never gets tired or dejected when ignored
  • System continues to send invites as long as agents are online and available

Proactive Chat is configured by the Admin

  • Administrator keeps control of first-contact messaging
  • You can configure different messages for different situations and pages
  • Our Proactive Rule configuration system is powerful and easy to customise

No more worrying about missed opportunities

  • The system is able to send chats to plenty more people than anything that is manually-triggered
  • You won’t miss any leads due to agent error and a message not being sent

Most visitors will simply not respond

  • Even a 20% success rate on chat invites would be considered high
  • By using a Proactive Chat, you’re not wasting your time on people who won’t respond

A far more effective use of agent time

  • Agents will be able to focus all their time on people who are keen to talk with them, rather than those who won’t engage via chat  

A closer look

Let’s look at some example numbers

For this example let’s assume your proactive chat sends auto invites to 10,000 visitors in a month.

The above has cost you £0 in labour, and wasted none of your agent’s time. It’s important to note that a lot of people do not engage in chats on webpages.

Let’s say that 20% of your web visitors respond to the Proactive chat invite.

If this is the case, then you’ll get 2000 chats from these Proactive Invitations that month, which is 2000 more than you were able to chat too before! However great this is, remember that this also means 8000 were ignored by your visitors. But due to Proactive Chats doing this work, no agent’s time was lost. They instead would be chatting to people who could turn into a customer or a lead! 

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