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A green Christmas at Moneypenny

We’re BIG fans of Christmas here at Moneypenny. You’ll catch our HQ lit up and decorated for the season as soon as December arrives.

It’s a great time of year to celebrate our team – there’s usually a fantastic Christmas dinner cooked by our amazing catering team, mince pies, carols, and of course, Christmas Jumpers.

Christmas Jumper Day is celebrated around 10th December each year, and yes, we’re lining up to get involved. However this year, as our growing team is prepping for the festivities, we’ve been thinking about how we can make our favourite time of year just that little bit greener.

One of our solutions? A second hand Christmas jumper sale or, to make it Moneypenny, Bring, buy and be merry!

We’re all guilty of overbuying – especially at Christmas, and especially when it comes to new designs of Christmas jumpers. This year, we’re inviting our team to…

Bring in any surplus preloved festive jumpers, sweaters, pullovers and vests which won’t be worn again.

Buy a ‘new-to-you’ one from our jumper stall at our in-house markets at the beginning of the month.

Be merry, knowing that by not buying new they’ve made a great green choice, saved themselves some cash, and contributed to our charities with their purchase too.

10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are caused by clothing and footwear production each year*

Our goals are to reduce the amount of new item purchases made by our team this year, and really promote a culture of buying second hand, reusing and reducing waste.

This initiative follows on from another jumper themed day observed at our HQ on 26th November – Green Jumper Day, where we lowered the heating across our HQ by 1 degree for the day, to help contribute to a national dip in energy usage.

These small efforts at being mindful of our energy consumption are part of a company-wide initiative which will see us making more eco-conscious decisions and changes, leading towards an increasingly sustainable business model, with a lower carbon footprint.

Follow us on social for updates of our Bring, buy and be merry sale and more on Christmas at Moneypenny.



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