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Brand new learning platform Moneypenny Hub, fast tracks upskilling and career development at Moneypenny

A brand new perk for the whole Moneypenny family has been added to the already impressive list of staff benefits.

The Moneypenny Hub, an interactive learning platform, is a one-stop shop for knowledge, learning new skills and career progression.

Alongside essential courses such as GDPR compliance and email safety, the fantastic learning management system (LMS) holds a library of online courses along with plenty of learning materials.

Digitising the learning processes has given every member of the Moneypenny family access to courses and levelling up. All offices in the UK and US have the same amazing culture and it was important that this was carried through any digital communications too.

Learning and Development Manager Lucy Montague comments: “creating a learning library for our voice and culture so we can support our team in an increasingly hybrid and flexible working environment has been one of the main goals of The Moneypenny Hub”

One of the amazing features of the hub is information for team leaders on the courses and support their team is interested in, allowing peer-to-peer support and follow-ups to reinforce lessons learned.

The LMS team have a large suite of courses, including those supplied by the learning and development library Go1. But are also able to create handmade courses in-house as a direct result of specific needs arising in the business, and requests from the team.

One such course is Leadership Development, “career development and leadership training is a really important aspect of life at Moneypenny. We’ve had great success with external trainers and systems in the past, but we’re thrilled to now be able to bring this 100% in-house, thanks to The Moneypenny Hub” says Charlotte Ashdown, People Director.

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