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Moneypenny and NatWest join forces to improve workplace culture across the UK

Throughout April, May and June, we’re hitting the road with NatWest – travelling the UK to deliver our unique insights into employee engagement and demonstrate the true value of a fully engaged workforce.

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At free events in towns and cities across the UK, we will inspire business leaders and provide practical advice on employee engagement, retention and wellbeing. Companies of all sizes will benefit from the insights gained during this entertaining look into the realistic, cost-effective approaches to positive workplace culture that every company can (and should) implement.

Don’t expect clichéd examples of headline-grabbing initiatives that only Google and Facebook could achieve – we’ll delve into our own experiences to highlight the affordable, everyday changes you can make to empower your workforce and turn employees into vocal brand-ambassadors.

These events will focus on the building blocks of workplace culture that inspire employees not just to contribute towards achieving business goals, but to take pride and personally invest in the success of the company as a whole.

Say goodbye to high staff churn and absence. The methods you’ll learn are proven to significantly reduce recruitment overheads, improve training ROI, impress customers and, above all else, help you to retain, reward and develop the very best people.

Our talk, The Culture Gap: Embrace Workplace Engagement, is an essential experience for any business looking to maximise the value of their workforce and develop a truly powerful employer brand.

Check out the list below to find your local event. Register now, places are limited and filling fast!

30th April 2019 – Liverpool

1st May 2019 – Kendal

7th May 2019 – Beverley

7th May 2019 – Plymouth

7th May 2019 – Leeds

8th May 2019 – Harrogate

8th May 2019 – Somerset

9th May 2019 – Doncaster

9th May 2019 – Swansea

14th May 2019 – Newcastle

15th May 2019 – Preston

22nd May 2019 – Chester

29th May 2019 – Cardiff

30th May 2019 – Bolton & Oldham

6th June 2019 – Bristol

18th June 2019 – Reading

20th June 2019 – Cwmbran & Torfaen

21st June 2019 – North Wales

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