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Moneypenny becomes a member of the MTA

Moneypenny is thrilled to announce that we’re now official members of the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA). The MTA does lots of fantastic work and proudly supports and promotes the interests of their members by acting as a trade association to give companies within the manufacturing technologies sector a much-needed voice.

To extend the support they’re able to offer members, the MTA has established a new group of trade associations and events, such as MACH, the UK’s national event for inspiring, innovating and connecting manufacturing firms and suppliers (which Moneypenny will be attending from 15th – 19th April 2024). Holding events like this will help to empower businesses within the sector, providing them with plenty of networking opportunities and allowing them to foster growth within the industry.

Our Business Development Manager for the Manufacturing Sector, Jo Lockwood said: “I am absolutely thrilled to announce that Moneypenny has become an official member of the MTA. This collaboration opens up incredible opportunities for us to connect with other members and provide them with valuable information about how our services can benefit their businesses. I am dedicated to supporting and empowering manufacturers by offering innovative solutions tailored to their unique needs. I believe in collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and being part of the MTA allows me to do just that! I look forward to sharing insights, tips and tailor-made solutions that can help manufacturers enhance their customer experience in today’s ever-evolving industry.”

Phil Crawley, Client Engagement Manager of the MTA, said: “We are delighted to welcome Moneypenny into Membership of the Manufacturing Technologies Association. We are always keen to bring Associate Members on board who can add real value to our sector. As our only Member providing managed customer services, we’re looking forward to moving the relationship forward together.”

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