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Moneypenny unites with leading British businesses to boost UK productivity

Moneypenny has joined forces with Be the Business, the business-led productivity movement which has launched the ‘Business Leadership for a Better Decade’ campaign.

Under the campaign banner, ‘Business Leadership for a Better Decade’, over two dozen partnerships were announced at the launch event in London, designed to make every part of the UK economy more competitive.

Along with Moneypenny, other new partners unveiled included Lloyds Banking Group, Amazon, BAE Systems, McKinsey & Co and Aviva.

Moneypenny has proudly committed to helping SMEs by using our own experience of positive employee engagement and exceptional customer service to improve company productivity, and to bring technological solutions to process problems in rapidly growing small businesses.

Other partner commitments included everything from supporting management and leadership programmes designed for SME leaders, developing tools to boost adoption of technology, and recruitment of senior executives to become mentors for ambitious smaller businesses.

Productivity (how much the UK produces per employee) is a long-standing problem. Since 2008, it has grown by an average of just 0.2% each year and for the past year has been in decline. It is the single most important factor when it comes to raising living standards in a country. ONS figures estimate the UK’s productivity crisis costs the average worker £5,000 in lost earnings each year and McKinsey analysis found that even a modest improvement could deliver a boost of £130bn to the UK economy each year.

Tony Danker, CEO at Be the Business, said: “Today is day one of this campaign. We want every business in the country to get involved – regardless of size. Put productivity and competitiveness top of the list for 2020, in your own firm, your supply chain, your customer base, and your region. This is in our hands and it is the only way to get the economy firing on all cylinders.”

Joanna Swash, Global CEO of Moneypenny explains: “We are delighted to partner with Be the Business and will be bringing our own valuable experience from Moneypenny to help demonstrate the importance of  exceptional customer service and how it can increase company productivity, along with the very best technological solutions.”

For more information on our partnership with Be the Business email us at [email protected] or call us on 0333 202 1005. 

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