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0161, 0121, 01908

Includes 400 landline & mobile minutes.

£10 per




Includes 400 landline & mobile minutes.

£10 per




Includes 400 landline & mobile minutes.

£15 per


iPhone App

Manage your number on the move.

Change where your calls route to quickly and easily, manage multiple numbers and send your calls to Moneypenny - that's if you have telephone answering support in place.

Need an even cleverer number?

  • Sound bigger with a Digital Receptionist e.g. Press 1 for Sales
  • Capture every call with award-winning telephone answering
  • Work flexibly with clever call distribution

It's a phone system, in your pocket.

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Phone System
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    1. Can I choose my own number?

      Yes. We want you to feel spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a number that’s right for you. Our online site offers pages and pages of numbers that are all ready to be selected, routed and purchased in a matter of minutes.

    2. Can I divert my number elsewhere?

      Yes: whatever time of the day or night, thanks to our handy App and Online Portal, diverting your number to an alternative line couldn't be easier.

    3. How do I choose which number is right for my business?

      If you're looking to expand your business into new regions, and present a more local image, then regional numbers are ideal. Alternatively, for a national presence, 03 and freephone numbers offer even greater credibility, as well as delivering low or no call costs for your callers.

    4. Is there a voicemail facility?

      Your number doesn't come with a voicemail facility, but remember, you are able to re-route it at a moment's notice: to your mobile, home phone, family members, the next door neighbour - the possibilities are endless!

    5. How much will it cost my callers?

      Call charges are as follows: regional numbers - standard call rates apply; freephone numbers - free from landlines and mobiles; 03 numbers - local rate from a landline, and included in most free mobile call packages.

    1. Do I have to be connected to the internet to receive calls?

      The simple answer: no! Your number will operate in exactly the same way as a traditional one.

    2. How long is your contract?

      No one likes being tied into a long-term contract. We require only one month's notice to cancel your number from the date of your next invoice.

    3. Will callers hear an international dial tone if I'm abroad?

      No. The clever way in which your number is routed (via Moneypenny) means that even if you choose to send calls to your mobile when you journey abroad, your callers will never hear an international dial tone.

    4. Will callers be charged more to dial my number if I am abroad?

      Absolutely not. Once again, because of the way in which your number is routed (via Moneypenny) your callers will only be charged UK call rates.

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