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5 benefits of coworking

Coworking, a great opportunity to network and innovate.

Why a shared office space is better for your work, finances and mental health.

There’s a lot to love about working from home – setting your own hours, avoiding office politics and ditching the commute to name just a few – but there’s also a lot you’ll miss out on when you go it alone. Whether you crave structure, need somewhere professional to meet clients, or simply don’t like to be alone all day, there is a better choice than coffee shop residency; coworking.

What is coworking?

Coworking brings together an informal community of lone or remote workers – usually in an office environment – who may collaborate, but generally work independently under their own direction while sharing a workplace. Coworking typically attracts contractors, freelancers, start-ups and home workers, as well as professionals, who travel frequently and need flexible office space. Coworking prevents isolation, offering structure for those who need it and a chance to network and innovate in a place buzzing with the energy of like-minded people.

So, what are the main benefits of coworking? Here’s our top 5:

1. Balance

A common complaint from home-workers is the difficulty they have in drawing a firm line between work and personal life. If your office is also your home, it can be hard to avoid blurring the lines between the two – and it’s so easy to let “just five more minutes” become an hour… or three.

It happens to us all, you’re on a roll and don’t want to lose momentum, but when you don’t need to switch off in order to get home for the evening, there’s nothing pushing you to reassess the overtime and consider whether you really need to be working. By basing your business in a coworking space instead of home, you’ll find you stay late only when you need to, and not only because you can.

2. Structure

A defined workspace has a positive effect on professional mentality; simply having a separate place of work to go to allows you to be totally focused on business and, in turn, more productive. You can encourage structure by setting strict ‘do not disturb’ working hours and insisting they are respected by family/housemates, as well as creating a dedicated workspace in your home that you don’t use at any other time. However, if you’re able, it’s easier (and less lonely) to achieve this structure with coworking.

In a coworking space there’s no temptation to let personal life and work admin blend in the way that you might at home; like paying household bills while responding to customer emails, or making business calls in your pyjamas (OK, there’s less temptation, pyjama working is still marvellous).

3. Wellbeing

While short periods of lone-working can do wonders for your productivity, isolation in the long term can be demoralising, and even damaging to your mental wellbeing.

The effects of long-term isolation are no joke; loneliness, anxiety, fear of other people, low self-esteem and depression are just some of the possible outcomes. Working alongside others in a shared office or other coworking space will give you access to a social connection, even though you are technically working alone.

4. Perspective

Have you ever had an idea you thought was absolute genius until you said it out loud? Being alone all day, spending too much time in your own head, can stop you from seeing ideas through another’s eyes.

Whether or not you choose to discuss your ideas in a shared workspace, simply having a daily reminder that there are other people in the world (who don’t all think like you) can give you pause to re-evaluate before publishing an imbalanced article, posting inflammatory statements on social media or dropping a clanger in your next sales pitch.

5. Money

A growing number of start-ups, small businesses, and SMEs rely on coworking spaces to give their teams a place to collaborate, without incurring the overheads of a permanent business residence. The same goes for home-workers who need somewhere professional to meet clients on a pay as you go basis.

Flexible office space is significantly cheaper than renting an office full time. If you don’t want to be there every day, only need a room for meetings, or aren’t sure of how long you will be working on a particular project, coworking space is the ideal choice.

Introducing Workhub

Workhub is a stylish coworking space in the heart of Tech City. It’s a flexible home for you and your business featuring hot desks, fixed desks, private offices, meeting rooms and more.

With Workhub, you will benefit from superfast Wi-Fi, office supplies, printers and scanners, free fruit and Nespresso coffee, friendly reception staff, private phone booths, a breakout space with games console and an outdoor terrace. It’s a vibrant, modern and collaborative environment close to London’s Silicon Roundabout. Call us now on 0333 202 1005 to find out more.

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