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5 questions with a Moneypenny Legal PA

Moneypenny Legal PA

Jasmine Lloyd; Moneypenny Legal PA

Trusted by over 950 law firms, Moneypenny is the UK’s no.1 communications provider to the legal sector. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Moneypenny looks after Telephone Answering and Live Chat on behalf of firms of all sizes. Whether on an overflow or fully outsourced basis, our specialist legal team has you covered – creating a fantastic first impression around the clock.

But what does a day in the life of a Legal PA at Moneypenny involve? We caught up with one of our Legal PAs, Team Leader; Jasmine Lloyd, to find out!

 Q: What does your role as a Legal PA involve?

Jasmine: As a PA & team leader, I look after a range of legal clients – answering the telephone on their behalf and responding to client emails. I make daily updates to our internal system that let the team know whether or not a solicitor is available – so we’re able to give the caller and the client the most effective response.

I also have the lovely job of looking after other PAs, regularly checking in with them to make sure they’re comfortable and happy, and being a friendly face should they need any support. In turn, this ensures everything runs smoothly and our clients are happy, too!

Q: What do you like most about being a Legal PA?

Jasmine: I’ve always been interested in law and was very excited when I found out I was going to be joining this department.

For me, I think the best thing about my job is the variety. Yes, I’m answering the phone most of the day, but the type of calls I receive are completely varied. You just never know what you’re going to get when you come in each day.

Q: Why do you think a Telephone Answering Service is important to law firms?

Jasmine: I think a telephone answering service is hugely important for legal firms because they are always so busy! Solicitors are constantly dealing with client matters, which means calls get passed on to their assistants, which then means they too become extremely busy with phone calls.

Having that answering service available, as and when they need, allows firms to have more free time to actually focus on their clients and build that personal relationship, without being distracted by a phone ringing in the background. I also believe this allows us to leave a better impression on callers, as the phones are being answered instantly and the caller’s query is actively being resolved and listened to.

Q: How do you think Live Chat can benefit law firms?

Jasmine: Being able to instantly communicate with your firm creates a great impression on prospective clients. Waiting times can often be a trigger point for complaints and negative reviews, so being able to get immediate acknowledgment is hugely important. With Live Chat, customers can rest assured their query is being handled and can get a response straightaway. This is especially helpful in an industry where a reply is usually needed as a matter of urgency.

Q: What one piece of customer service advice would you give to legal professionals?

Jasmine: To listen – truly listen to clients and be understanding. It can be hard when you are really busy and have a million and one jobs to do, but I always try to remember that often we are seeing callers at their worst. They are likely seeking advice from a solicitor due to emotional circumstances i.e. going through a divorce, a bereavement, criminal charges, etc. It can be a distressing time for them and they are looking for that calm and reassuring advice from a professional.

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