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5 reasons to outsource Live Chat

Customers are now, more than ever before, looking for rapid responses from suppliers in many different aspects.

From service and product delivery, to issue resolution; speed is of the essence in any business.

Communication is no exception. Live chat has quickly become a powerful communication tool between businesses and prospective (even existing) customers, due to the instantaneous answers it can provide.

As you might expect, live chat is extremely fast-paced. Research has found that consumers wait an average of 48 seconds for a live chat response, with 21% of live chats going unanswered by businesses. As a result of this, it is essential that companies implementing this type of communication have the resources to ensure it is manned at all times.

For any business, the demands of live chat can be a challenge to keep up with. And as a result, many choose to remove the functionality altogether, but this can mean lost leads and a downgrade in customer service levels.  So how can you ensure that your live chat is maintained at all times without it draining your business’ vital resources? More and more companies are turning to outsourcing to achieve this, here’s why:

Why outsource live chat?

Round the clock communication

The time demands of live chat will differ significantly from business to business. But whether a business is large or small, it’s unlikely to have the time to ensure live chat is manned on a 24/7 basis. Outsourced live chat providers will often operate on an around the clock basis, ensuring that any chat request, be it 5.30pm or 3am, will be picked up and actioned.

First impressions matter

Making that all-important first contact with prospective clients requires a great first impression. When sourcing a new supplier, most potential customers will want quick and precise answers to their questions, something which is not always possible with on-site contact forms. Live chat presents an attractive option for website visitors to engage with a business. An outsourced live chat service will ensure this engagement is handled by a knowledgeable agent, in a professional manner, thereby giving potential customers a fantastic first impression and increasing sales.

Fewer resources required

Live chat will require a number of resources to ensure it is maintained efficiently. This includes the chat software itself and staff to run the chat. Many businesses will often not assign a dedicated live chat agent role and instead distribute this responsibility to existing staff members which ultimately distracts them from their core role. Outsourcing this function will ensure that not only the cost and maintenance of chat software is taken care of, but that the live chat is continually staffed (without the necessity for holiday or sickness cover).

Improved customer service

As with a telephone answering service, customers will often contact a business with issues or queries regarding the product or service they receive. Live chat is becoming the predominant first point of contact for these queries. Because of this, having an unresponsive live chat function is out of the question when it comes to providing high levels of customer service. Live chat operators will be able to record the query or issue and pass these onto the relevant person within the business so that a resolution can be found quickly.

Convey a modern approach

Adopting new technologies is essential for businesses to remain competitive and ensure they continue to run efficiently. This includes how you communicate with your customers. Live chat has been around for a number of years now, but as more and more companies adopt this, fellow businesses must consider implementing this type of function (with quality software). Outsourcing this will not only ensure that you tick the ‘ease of communication’ box for your customer, but as outsourced suppliers will be using the latest chat technology, you will portray your business as both modern and highly capable.

How can Moneypenny help? 

At Moneypenny, we combine gold-standard technology with exceptional people to support businesses of all sizes and sectors with their live chats. Trust us to look after your chats around the clock when you’re busy or unavailable, or opt for fully outsourced chats. Our complete people and technology solution is the ultimate Live Chat service for any business keen to maximise the value of every website visitor. Contact the Moneypenny team today to find out more about our outsourced live chat service. Call us today on 0333 202 1005 to get started! 

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