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5 tips from a legal conversion expert 


34 years after marketing was permitted in the legal sector, it’s only really now that legal marketing is growing up. 

Today, UK law firms are spending more on marketing resource than they ever have before – and 60% of firms have their own dedicated team or manager to oversee their marketing activity.

60% of law firms have their own dedicated marketing manager or team.

When just one conversion could equate to an average case value of £4,000, it’s easy to see why modern-day firms are taking the time to invest in marketing.

In this article, we’re joined by legal marketing expert and founder of Find Get Grow, Clare Fanner, to discover five top marketing tips for law firms looking to boost their conversions.

1. Make time

28% of firms admit that they are too busy to handle new enquiries – and this is simply not good enough! Research at Find Get Grow shows that this is costing a typical £10m turnover law firm over £200k in lost income each year. Surely it’s worth investing in resource to make sure those hard-earned new enquiries are handled properly?

2. Do less

This might sound like a strange suggestion, but think about it – if you spread yourself too thinly by trying to do too much marketing and business development, you will have less time to spend on improving the quality of the leads you generate and ensuring the leads are properly handled. Clearly, therefore, if you make more time for these aspects – managing leads and reporting, marketing, and business development activities – you will achieve higher conversion.

3. Capture & record all enquiries centrally

This isn’t rocket science, its common sense. As Peter Drucker is credited with saying; “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”.

4. Engage your opportunity handling team

Train your team and empower them. Make sure the right processes, systems, skills and knowledge are in place to enable them to do their job effectively.

5. Regularly check that your processes work

For example, phone the switchboard out of hours or during lunchtime, send in a website enquiry using the website forms etc. This is not to catch people out, but to enable you to know that you have the right people, processes and skills in place and to identify areas where you may need to provide further support and improvements.

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